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Fonseca Show Trending 02/28/23


- The Action Network says the Saxx underwear brand paid $32,500 yesterday for Walter White's used underwear. Bryan Cranston wore the underwear during an episode of ''Breaking Bad.'' Saxx tweeted; ''We simply could not let another man subject his nether regions to these. Stay tuned, gentlemen.''

- WHIO says Russian President Vladimir Putin is honoring Steven Seagal with an Order of Friendship award. The award is being bestowed upon Steven because of his support for Russia.

- Deadline Hollywood says character actor Tom Sizemore is still in critical condition following his February 18th stroke. Tom's manager, Charles Lago, says he is still in a coma. “Today, doctors informed his family that there is no further hope and have recommended end of life decision. The family is now deciding end of life matters and a further statement will be issued on Wednesday.”

- OK! magazine claims Gisele Bundchen and her Jiu Jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente, were recently spotted on a date in Miami. A source is quoted by the magazine as saying, "At carbone miami and Gisele here with jitsu guy. Glowing, Def together"

- KTVU says the car used in the Dukes of Hazzard TV series crashed on Sunday on Highway 165 in Taney County, Missouri. The driver and passenger were taken to a local hospital. The General Lee was one of 309 built for the original TV show. No word on what caused the crash

- BroBible says Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is allegedly more interested in buying the Seattle Seahawks than the Washington Commanders.

- Baking Business says Kellogg's is developing Apple Jacks Pop-Tarts. They will go on sale starting in April

- United Press International says Gabrielle Gerhart, of Wisconsin, has set a new world record for the largest four-leaf clover collection. She has 118,7191 clovers. She beat the old record by 7,000. Gabrielle says collecting clovers soothes her mind


The Daily Mail says Adele has gotten engaged to her boyfriend Rich Paul. The couple plans to wed this Summer. Adele has been wearing a diamond engagement ring on her ring finger.

Bebe Rexha tells Billboard magazine that she once tried out for 'American Idol'. "I tried out for the show once. I didn't go anywhere. One of the producers told me that music might not be my thing. I used that comment to push myself harder to succeed."

Sam Smith tells NME magazine that he once heard a rumor that he and Adele were the same person. "Someone sent me this comment on Twitter. It said “When Adele disappears, Sam Smith shows up, when Sam Smith disappears Adele shows up……never seen them in a room together either. They must be the same person!" I laughed at that one."

Taylor Swift tells NBC that she never expected her personal life to be so public. "I knew when I started getting famous that I would lose some of my privacy, but I never expected the internet to latch on to my dating life so strongly. I don't even think it's all that interesting. I mean, who cares who I'm dating or how we broke up? It's so weird."

The Weeknd tells NBC that he couch surfed before his career took off. "I got evicted. I was sleeping on friend's couches for a while. Thank goodness they were willing to help me out when I was in need."

Radar Online says Tom Brady is allegedly interested in trying stand up comedy. A source tells the website, “Tom was a terrific quarterback, but he needs to toss this idea before it’s too late.As a comic — he’s strictly a water boy. His ego inflated when Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Rita Moreno gushed over him in 80 for Brady. The ladies were super nice to him and he did a nice job reading professionally written material in a small part — but he’ll be playing in a whole different league if he takes up the stand-up stage. He does a great impersonation of former teammate Rob Gronkowski — and his over-the-top Boston accent is hilarious.''

The Internet reacts

''Tom Brady is actually hilarious. I mean, you saw his FTX investment right?''

“Outstanding quarterback play doesn’t insure being good at anything else. He should listen to his friends, especially the ones who say this is a stupid idea.”

“The byproduct of never being told no?”

The Irish Mirror says Macaulay Culkin is feuding with YouTube star and professional boxer Jake Paul.Prior to Jake's fight and subsequent loss to Tommy Fury, Macaulay tweeted, "There’s no better way to celebrate your half birthday than to watch Jake Paul get punched in the head repeatedly." Jake has yet to respond to Macaulay

The NY Post says Sasha Walpole, the older woman who took Prince Harry's virginity, is selling one of the gifts he gave her. She is auctioning off a Miss Piggy doll to benefit victims of the Turkey and Syria earthquakes. The doll is wearing an orange tropical outfit. Bidding reached $2,000 yesterday

Perez Hilton says Prince Harry allegedly plans to add an additional chapter to the paperback version of his memoir, "Spare". A source tells the website, “Prince Harry is already planning to add at least one new chapter… to the paperback version… out later this year or early next, when the hard cover sales have ended. Readers are eager to know [Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle’s] feelings about the royal backlash they have suffered after the airing of their Netflix doc, and the publication of Spare.”

In his new memoir, "Spare", Prince Harry claims he once stayed at Courteney Cox's home where he did psychedelic mushrooms. Courteney tells Variety magazine, “He did stay here for a couple of days — probably two or three. He’s a really nice person. I haven’t read the book. I do want to hear it, because I’ve heard it’s really entertaining. But yes, it’s gotten back to me about it. I’m not saying there were mushrooms! I definitely wasn’t passing them out.”

Royals author Tom Bower claims Meghan Markle was allegedly disappointed when she found out Prince Harry had very little money to his name. The NY Post quotes him as saying, “Her great surprise and disappointment was that Prince Harry had very little money. She had imagined he would be worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, and she is having to make up for it now. The couple could not afford their current lifestyle as working members of the Royal Family. Markle wants to ride in the big Cadillacs, the private jets on command. At the moment she needs to scrounge for those sorts of things.”

The JoBlo movie website says Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer wants Johnny Depp to play Captain Jack Sparrow again. The website quotes him as saying, “Johnny is another friend and an amazing artist. You go through things in life that you wish you hadn’t…He’s still a talented artist…He’s just so good at what he does and actors recover from things like this. He’s a good individual and he’s a caring individual. He’s somebody that you can rely on and he’s just terrific. I think Johnny is an utter friend and an amazing artist and, again, you go through things in life you wish you hadn’t, but he’s still a talented artist.”

The new Scream movie, "Scream VI", opens on March 10th. KRON says a man in a Scream mask is scaring people in Sonoma, California. People called 911 yesterday after a man in a black cloak and the Ghostface mask stood motionless in the middle of a plaza. Cops approached Ghostface. He said he'd been hired by Paramount Pictures to promote the new Scream movie. Paramount is refusing to comment on the stunt

Totally the Bomb says the new horror movie, ''The Outwaters'', is causing movie patrons to run out of theaters and get sick. The movie is about a group of friends who travel to the desert to make a music video. While there, they encounter unusual animal behavior, crazy sounds and weird vibrations. One moviegoer said, “The sounding made me so uncomfortably dizzy that I had to leave the theatre to vomit. This never happened to me before. It’s more disturbing than scary if that makes any sense.” Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 70% says Jon Hamm has gotten engaged to his girlfriend of two years, Anna Osceola. The duo met in 2015 when Anna guest starred on the series finale of "Mad Men". Jon brought Anna to the world premiere of ''Top Gun: Maverick''. He is 51 while she is 34.

ChatGPT Study

A new survey by Resume Builder reveals that 50% of companies are already replacing employees with ChatGPT. Other findings:

- 57% of companies are using ChatGPT for customer support

- 65% of companies are using ChatGPT to respond to job applicants

- 55% of companies say the quality of work produced by ChatGPT is 'excellent'

Common Words Most Likely To Die Out In The Next 15 Years … According to a new article in the Daily Record newspaper






The 11 Most Expensive Tickets That Will Raise Your Car Insurance … According to a new article by Finance Buzz

11. Following too closely ... Insurance rate increase: 23.3% or about $342

10. Improper passing ... Insurance rate increase: 23.4% or about $344

9. Passing a school bus ... Insurance rate increase: 27% or about $398

8. Operating a vehicle without permission ... Insurance rate increase: 32.8% or about $482

7. Driving with an open container ... Insurance rate increase: 34.9% or about $617

6. At-fault accident ... Insurance rate increase: 42% or about $617

5. Driving with a suspended license ... Insurance rate increase: 62.4% or about $918

4. Reckless driving ... Insurance rate increase: 70.4% or about $1,034

3. Racing ... Insurance rate increase: 73.7% or about $1,086

2. Refusing of a breathalyzer or chemical test ... Insurance rate increase: 74.1% or about $1,089

1. Hit and run ... Insurance rate increase: 82.2% or about $1,209

Wishing For Success Study A new study by the University of Essex reveals that wishing and hoping makes people more successful. Researchers studied over 1,000 students before concluding that positive emotions like optimism and hope are more often linked with success than negative feelings like anxiety and anger. Professors found that more hopeful students scored better on exams than less hopeful ones.

Lead researcher Reinhard Pekrun says, "Interestingly, we found feelings like anxiety and anger can sometimes motivate us more than enjoyment or relaxation. However, despite its energizing powers, the knife edge of anxiety can lead to mental health issues, undermine the functioning of the immune system, and lead to a drop in performance in the long run. Although the model might seem abstract at first sight, it shows how achievement emotions relate to critically important parts of our lives and can define how we perform in job interviews, tests and other stressful situations. Overall hope was the healthiest and best way to spark success and promote long-term happiness."

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