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Fonseca Show Trending 02/15/23


- The Daily Mirror says Hallmark offered more than 1,400 varieties of greeting cards for Valentine's Day.

- The NY Post says Rihanna received a custom Super Bowl ring. It has five carats of diamonds and her initials "RRF" for Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The side of the ring is adorned with the coordinates for her native Barbados

- A new study by the National Sample Survey Office reveals that women do 7.2 hours of unpaid domestic work a week compared to 2.8 hours by men. Women are 24% less likely than men to have free time.

- CNN says egg prices are up 70% from a year ago. Higher production costs and the bird flu outbreak are the reasons for the soaring prices

- A new survey by reveals that 51% of pet parents say their pet has interrupted a romantic interlude with their partner

- The NY Post says Marc Anthony and his new bride, Nadia Ferrara, are expecting their first child together. The couple got married two weeks ago. He is 54 while she is 23.

- NBC says ''Sixteen Candles'' and ''Breakfast Club'' star Anthony Michael Hall is expecting his first child with his wife, Lucia. He says, "Lucia and I were at home. She surprised me by revealing that she was pregnant with an at-home pregnancy test. We were kissing, hugging and thanking God. We immediately started dancing and laughing in our bathroom to celebrate the great news."

- WFLA says an earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, rocked Turkey and Syria last week.Yesterday, rescuers pulled a small dog from the rubble. The dog was weak and thirsty, but survived


In touch Weekly Magazine says Rihanna and ASAP Rocky may marry in Barbados. A source tells the magazine, “Rihanna and A$AP have been secretly flying to and from the island since then getting everything and everyone set up for it. Being a mom has changed Ri’s life for the better in every way. She and Rocky are totally in sync as parents and are loving the experience. It’s brought them so much closer as a couple. Ri wants a big family – she doesn’t see any need to hang around and feels ready now her body has fully healed and recovered from the delivery in mid-May. They planned on getting married a while back, but had to put it off a couple of times because they wanted to get through the pregnancy, then settle into raising their little guy for at least six months without any big distractions. Rihanna is aiming to be a mom to four kids by the time she’s 40. She hopes to have a little girl this time around – maybe even twins if she’s really lucky.”

The NY Post says Rihanna received a custom Super Bowl ring. It has five carats of diamonds and her initials "RRF" for Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The side of the ring is adorned with the coordinates for her native Barbados

Sam Smith tells that he no longer wants to fit in. “In the time that people have known me I've changed a lot. There was a time I didn’t want to dress up as much; it was a time when I wanted to take a break and fit in. “And then I got fed up with fitting in and wanted to go back to how I was when I was younger, more free. I wanted to be myself again.”

Meghan Trainor tells Yahoo News that she is nervous about having her second child. "Birth is traumatic for everyone involved. So I am nervous I have to do that again, but I do want four kids, so I’m halfway there. I just know I’ve got to surrender. That’s my big word: surrender. Surrender for one day, and for a bunch of pain. But I’m going to be distracted with the love of my life, you know?”

Miley Cyrus tells Rolling Stone magazine that she was made to play male roles back in her theater days. "I had such a raspy voice, even back then. My theater teacher would only give me male roles because of my voice. So I would play 'Old fisherman' or [stuff] like that because of my voice.”

Giant Freaking Robot says Chris Pratt has set up a website for an actual plumbing service. He did it to promote the new Super Mario Bros movie, in which he plays Mario. The film opens on April 7th

The SMB Plumbing website reads ...




Welcome to Super Mario Bros. Plumbing! We are brothers and yes, we are super. My little (but taller) brother, Luigi, and I were tired of dealing with spiky bosses, so we jumped at the opportunity to take on Brooklyn’s plumbing problems all by ourselves. Family-owned and operated, we aim to one-up the competition with our expert white-glove service. Thanks for checking us out! Mario & Luigi

Metal Castle says Metallica wanted to perform with Rihanna at halftime of the Super Bowl. They sang her song ''Diamonds'' while doing Carpool Karaoke with James Corden in 2017. The band tweeted; ''We can’t believe @rihanna didn’t ask us to be her backup singers…''

Tom Brady tells the Let's Go podcast that he had to look up what a thirst trap was after he posted a picture of himself in his underwear. ''That's, I think, millennial verbiage. I actually even had to look that up so I didn't even quite know what that meant, but just thought it was a good picture with some underwear. Nothing more than that actually. Go buy some. Get your favorite underwear. They're actually amazing. I'm wearing 'em right now and I promise not to share too many more of those photos.''

Idris Elba tells the Daily Mail that he has no interest in playing James Bond because he wants to continue playing his Luther character. ''We've been working on the television show for about 10 years and so the natural ambition is to take it to the big screen, and so we're here with the first movie. You know, a lot of people talk about another character that begins with J and ends with B, but I'm not going to be that guy. 'm going to be John Luther. That's who I am.''

People magazine says Rebel Wilson has launched a new dating app called Fluid. She says anyone can date anyone they feel like. "This is the first dating app where you don't have to actually define yourself or tick a box to say 'I'm straight, I'm gay, I'm bisexual,' and you don't have to describe what you are looking for. It's kind of love with no labels. What's really cool is, it's open to everyone. You might just be interested in checking out a wider dating pool like I was. It covers a lot of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, but I think even if you're straight you could use the app and have an amazing time. It's free and there's no age limit."

Rebel Wilson tells the Life Uncut podcast that her partner's family has not been accepting of their relationship. “My whole family has just been amazing. Ramona’s family hasn’t been as accepting. And so in many respects, it has been a lot harder on her to have to make the news public. With her, she’s not in the public eye, it’s much harder on her. It’s so sad to see what happened with her family over it. Hopefully, people will change their attitude about things”

TMZ says Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' ex nanny, Ericka Gennaro, is suing them because they gave her stress and anxiety. Ericka says Olivia abandoned her household in 2020 because of her romance with Harry Styles. She says Jason then stressed her out when talking about why Olivia left him. Ericka says the couple's marital problems caused tension in their house

The Daily Mail says Antonio Muratore, from Milan, Italy, looks like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's twin. The 54-year-old even has the same tattoos as the former wrestling star.

Antonio says, ''It was about ten years ago when a friend first told me I looked like the Rock. Over the years people started to stop and ask me for pictures wherever I would go. It's been at a hotel, in restaurants, on the beach - it happens continuously. Once someone followed me down the road for 15 minutes. That was a bit stressful. But normally I'm always happy to take a picture. I feel very lucky to look like him because he is a great person, a champion in sport and in life. When I am on the beach and people see my tattoos, everyone stops me and wants a picture. Or when I am wearing my sunglasses. It happens continuously. I get treated like a celebrity all the way through summer. It's an incredible situation to look like him. In general I'm quite a private person and I don't like a lot of attention - but I never tire of this because it makes people happy. I would do anything to meet him one day.''

Radar Online claims Matthew McConaughey's wife, Camila, is allegedly against him running for President in 2028. A source tells the website, “Camila got Matthew to pull away from acting so he could be a more present father. She fears Matthew’s bid for the presidency will consume him and has the potential to tear their family apart. But Matthew, when he gets a notion, he rides it like a bucking bull!”

The Daily Mail says Priscilla Presley is denying claims by Jackass star Bam Margera that she gave him some of Elvis's personal items. Bam says he received Elvis's robe and a ring. Priscilla recently spent time with Bam after Lisa Marie died. She says, "My son and I want no further communication with him. I consider him a dishonest and unstable individual. I had no idea who he was or that he was filming in my home without my consent. At no time during the visit did I give him anything of Elvis'. I still have everything he ever touched. I would never disrespect Elvis who was the love of my life by giving away anything that belonged to him. I have always protected them for the fans. Elvis belonged to all of you and I cherish my life with him.''

Radar Online claims Tom Brady allegedly pushed back the start of his broadcasting career in order to attempt a reconciliation with Giselle Bundchen. A source tells the website, “Without football to lose himself in anymore, he’s feeling lonely and abandoned. He wanted Gisele to see what she was missing but wound up just embarrassing himself! The biggest obstacle between them was Gisele’s complaints about Tom was putting football before family, so he decided to show her he’s willing to focus on them before taking the job at FOX. His only goal right now is to get his family back.”

OK! magazine says Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are in couples counseling. They were spotted leaving their therapist's office in two different vehicles. The couple refused to speak to the paparazzi.

The Daily Mail says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday by getting tattoos together. The tattoos are located on the side of their torsos and feature two arrows along with the letters J and B. JLo has an infinity loop.

Sweet Tooth = Stroke

A new study by Oxford University reveals that eating an extra candy bar each day increases the risk of a stroke by 10%. Researchers studied 110,000 people for nine years. They found that people that ate more sugar were more likely to suffer a stroke or develop heart disease.

Professor Tim Key says, "These findings suggest free sugar in general, and not just fizzy drinks, are linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease and strokes. Those with a sweet tooth can get non-free sugar from fruit, which is much healthier."

Co-Worker Crush Survey

A new survey by Fishbowl reveals that 21% of workers have a crush on a co-worker. Other findings:

- 22% of accountants have a crush on a co-worker

- 21% of HR workers have a crush on a co-worker

- 15% of tech workers have a crush on a co-worker

- 14% of lawyers have a crush on a co-worker

TOP 10 FOODS PEOPLE ALLOW TO BE EATEN IN BED … According to a new survey by the bakery brand St Pierre




Ice cream







TOP 10 FOODS PEOPLE BAN FROM BEING EATEN IN BED … According to a new survey by the bakery brand St Pierre


Pasta and sauce

Roast dinner

Stir fry


Fish and chips



Hot dog

Sausage and mashed potato

Dear Fonseca

My husband brought home a dozen roses last night for Valentine's Day. They looked and smelled beautiful. As I was placing them in a vase I noticed that he removed the price tag. What he forgot to remove was the sticker from where he bought the roses. My elation turned to frustration, anger and disappointment after I saw that he purchased the flowers from a gas station. The least he could do was buy the flowers from a real florist. Buying them from a gas station makes me feel cheap, worthless and unappreciated. As I laid in bed last night I tried to convince myself that it doesn't matter where the flowers came from. Should I be upset? Does it matter that he purchased the flowers from a gas station? My self-esteem is taking a hit. Is this all I'm worth? Do I have a right to be mad?

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