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Fonseca Show Trending 02/06/23


- NBC says sand from Tom Brady's retirement video is being sold on eBay.Bidding started at $677 and has grown to over $90,000. The seller authenticated the sand by taking a picture of the buildings that were behind Brady in his retirement video.

- Entertainment Tonight says Megan Fox attended several Grammy's parties with Machine Gun Kelly even though she had a concussion and a broken wrist. She did not say how she suffered the injuries.

- The Branson News says Paul McCartney will perform at King Charles' coronation in May.

- Mashed magazine says a Taco Bell sauce collection is being sold on eBay for $24,855. The collection contains 98 different packets of sauce. Each packet has a value of $253.62. Some people think the listing is a joke.

- Yahoo News says an Australian couple is living out of a Coca-Cola delivery truck. Polli and Clara bought the truck for $17,000 and then remodeled it with a kitchen, dining area, toilet and shower. The truck has solar panels and batteries and allows the couple to be totally self-sufficient.

- Fox Business News says Spring Break starts next weekend for many colleges.The average cost of a Spring Break vacation this year is between $1,500 and $2,000 per person. Top-searched destinations include Cancun, Mexico; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Montego Bay, Jamaica; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Knock at the Cabin,” $14.2 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $20 million to produce and earned another $7 million worldwide)

2. “80 for Brady,” $12.5 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $28 million to produce)

3. “Avatar: The Way of Water,” $10.8 million.

4. “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” $8 million.

5. “BTS: Yet to Come in Cinemas,” $5.1 million.

China's Weather Balloon Causes ''Top Gun 3'' To Trend: Screen Rant says China's weather balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday. The balloon was first spotted in Alaska. It traveled across the United States over the course of several days. Myrtle Beach residents spotted F-22 fighter jets heading to shoot the balloon down. A single missile hit the balloon.

China's government reacted to the shoot-down by saying; "The Chinese side has clearly asked the US side to properly handle the matter in a calm, professional and restrained manner. The spokesperson of the US Department of Defense also noted that the balloon does not present a military or physical threat to people on the ground. Under such circumstances, the US use of force is a clear overreaction and a serious violation of international practice. China will resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company concerned, and reserves the right to make further responses if necessary.'' The Internet reacts ... ''Top Gun 3 sounds lame''

''Top Gun 3 is gonna be made in thirty years and Mav is gonna be dragged out of his retirement home blind and immobile, and the Defense Department is gonna make him shoot a balloon out of the sky.''

''This is the way top Gun 3 ends. Not with a bang but a pfftttfttfffttssssshhhhhh.''

Adele is going to the Super Bowl just to see Rihanna's halftime says she was performing in Vegas when she said. “I’m going just for Rihanna.”

The Daily Mail says Panic at The Disco's Brendon Urie and his wife, Sarah, are the proud parents of a new baby. The child's name and gender have not been released.

The Daily Mail says Lewis Capaldi was recently being interviewed on a London talk show when they started showing selfies from his phone on the screen behind them. Lewis took a picture of himself in tighty whities while wearing sunglasses.

Taylor Swift tells The Guardian newspaper that hard work is the only way to succeed. "You see these people pop up on Tik Tok who go viral and everyone thinks that's the easy way to fame. News flash: Those people work hard on their craft too. You can't put song after song up there and pray one goes viral and makes your career. You have to put the work in, hone yourself, get better, otherwise you'll just keep putting up duds and hoping for the best."

Beyonce tells that there's a reason why she rarely gives interviews."I feel my music speaks for itself. My fans hear what I'm going through with my music, and they can relate to it. That's all that matters really."

TMZ says Arnold Schwarzenegger was driving yesterday in Los Angeles when he hit a cyclist. A woman made a left turn in front of Arnold before he had a chance to hit his brakes. The woman is in stable condition. Arnold took the woman's bicycle to a local bike shop to get it fixed

The Daily Mail says Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, was recently locked out of a New York fashion show after arriving fashionably late. The paper called her a 'nepo baby'. Onlookers asked security if they knew who she was. Security didn't care as fans started chanting "LET HER IN". Lourdes eventually walked away and left the venue

Matthew McConaughey tells Vanity Fair magazine that he agreed to star in '' How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'' after meeting a fortune teller on Sunset Boulevard. "Suddenly, this guy comes up out of nowhere to me — he was a fortune teller guru [and] goes, 'Can I tell you your fortune real quick?' I was like, 'Yeah, man. Sure.' He immediately goes, 'There's a movie you're considering right now. It's a romantic comedy. You have to do this or it will be one of the biggest regrets of your life. It is going to be a blast, it is going to be an incredible experience and it is going to make a bunch of money.' I remember thinking, 'Did the studio hire this guy?' I laughed at the thought, but I also remember taking a more serious consideration. I think I even accepted the offer the next day."

Josh Duhamel tells the Daily Mail that Jennifer Lopez scolded him on the set of "Shotgun Wedding" for chewing gum. 'Halfway through the scene she was like: 'Are you chewing gum? Spit that gum out!'

Liam Neeson tells Men's Health magazine that he dislikes Conor McGregor and the UFC. ''That little leprechaun Conor McGregor, he gives Ireland a bad name. I know he's fit, and I admire him for that. But I can't take it. UFC I can't stand. That to me is like a bar fight. I know the practitioners are like, 'no, you're wrong—the months of training we do... Why don't you just grab a beer bottle and hit the other guy over the head? That's the next stage of the UFC. I hate it.''

Connor responded by tweeting; 'Irish proud - always.'

Fox News says Mark Hamill is signing Star Wars posters to benefit the Ukraine. He says the money is going to help the country in their fight against Russia. "We decided to sign Star Wars posters, a limited amount. For real hardcore collectors — especially those that have disposable income — you can get way more money … than you would imagine."

The Daily Mail says Keanu Reeves surprised staffers at a Hertfordshire, England pub on Saturday when he showed up unannounced. Bartender Laura Rolfe says, 'He came to the bar and ordered a beer (Seafarers Ale) and just walked over to the corner. He ordered fish and chips and Nat's shepherd's pie. When I took the cutlery down, I asked, "Oh is someone else joining you?" but he said, "No, we want to try both." He was with someone else. Presumably a driver or friend, maybe?'

The Daily Mail says Prince Harry was served with court papers over the weekend by Meghan Markle's sister, Samantha. Samantha is suing Meghan because she claims she told malicious lies about her during her 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey. Samantha is asking for $72,000 and wants Harry to testify against Meghan under oath.

Wonderwall says Lisa Marie Presley's half-brother was attacked by a 2000 lb camel just days before she died. Navarone Garcia was rushed to an emergency room where he needed 34 staples to close the wounds in his head. Garcia was feeding the camel at a Los Angeles sanctuary when it bit him. A dog saved Garcia by barking and scaring the camel

TMZ says Joe Exotic is engaged again. He met his fiance, Seth Posey, on the Internet. Joe has revised his will and is leaving everything to Seth should he die. Joe also has a DNR clause in his will, which calls for him not to be resuscitated while in prison.

Dating Survey A new survey by the Pew Research Center reveals that 30% of adults have used a dating app. Other findings:

- Tinder is the most popular dating app as 46% of online daters have used it

- 10% of online daters have married or are in a committed relationship with someone they met on a dating app

Neighbor Survey

A new survey by the mobile brand OnePlus reveals that 33% of people don't know the names of their neighbors. Other findings:

- 10% of people speak to their neighbors no more than once a month

- 50% of people have no interaction with any of their neighbors

Candy Survey Better Homes and Gardens says 8 billion chalky candy hearts will be sold for Valentine's Day. It takes 11 months to make the hearts before the majority of them are sold within six weeks of Valentine's Day. Other findings:

- 58 million pounds of chocolate will be sold and consumed during the week of Valentine's Day

- 47% of people plan to buy themselves a box of candy for Valentine's Day

Snack Survey A new survey by Frito-Lay reveals that 49% of people say running out of snacks is worse than their team losing the Super Bowl. Other findings:

- 62% of Super Bowl watchers get snack refills during the Super Bowl's commercials

- 30% of people have gotten into an argument over snack flavors

- 59% of people have bonded over snack preferences

Dear Fonseca

I have been dating Tyler for a month. With Valentine's Day coming, he wanted to show his loyalty to me so he got my name tattooed over his heart. I thought it was romantic. My friends say it's creepy and a red flag. Now, I'm confused and don't know which it is. Where do you stand on this? Creepy or romantic?

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