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Fonseca Show Trending 01/26/23


- Fox News says Elon Musk has changed his Twitter name to Mr Tweet. He posted; "Changed my name to Mr. Tweet, now Twitter won’t let me change it back"

- CNN says Malibu, California got rocked early yesterday morning by an earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale. Aftershocks were felt for 22 minutes.

- Fox Business News says bottles of water from Disney's Splash Mountain are now selling on eBay for as much as $5,000. Disney closed the ride and plans to rename and retool it. Fans bottled the water before the ride closed last weekend

- CNBC says Google has fired all of their in-house massage therapists. Twenty seven masseuses were terminated at the company's California offices because of the poor economy. Google has cut 12,000 jobs or 6% of its workforce

- PR Newswire says DiGiorno is giving away free pizza with a new Super Bowl promotion. If a kicker from either team doinks a goal post during the Big Game then fans will receive one free DiGiorno pizza as long as they register on the DiGiorno Doinks website.

- PC Quest says Coca-Cola is launching their own smartphone. The phone's case resembles a red can of Coke. The budget friendly 4G phone has dual rear cameras and is made by Huawei


Hollywood Trending

- TMZ says Hulk Hogan sent out a tweet yesterday that read: "I ran out of toilet paper brother, help!!!!!!!!" No word on if he got some TP

- Giant Freaking Robot says Will Smith is in talks to star in a sequel to his 2005 rom-com "Hitch".

- Life And Style Weekly Magazine says ''Jersey Shore'' star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, and his wife, Lauren, are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Mia. The couple also have a 21-month-old son named Romeo.

- Giant Freakin Robot says Jason Momoa is in talks to join the cast of ''Sonic the Hedgehog 3''. He may play the anti-hero Shadow


Asteroid Will Buzz Earth Today: Fortune Magazine says a truck sized asteroid is going to pass by Earth today. The asteroid will be 2,200 miles from Earth when it whizzes over the southern tip of South America. That's 10 times closer than satellites orbiting the Earth. NASA says the asteroid is between 11 and 28 ft wide.

Sam Smith tells Entertainment Tonight that he's changed his underwear. “I’ve started wearing thongs, I wear them every day now… it’s fabulous. We need to see Brad Pitt in a thong. There’s so many people I want to see in a thong.”

Sam Smith tells Entertainment Tonight that he is addicted to McDonald's. “I love McDonald’s. I feel guilty saying it, I know it’s bad for you, but there’s lots of things in this world that are bad for you. If you’re going to list them, then it’s not that bad is it? I’ve never met a chicken nugget I didn’t like.”

Bebe Rexha tells Billboard magazine that she wants to heal people with her music. "I want people to feel better when they hear my songs. If they're going through some heartache, I want them to know there’s some type of destiny and if something doesn’t work out then, there’s something better waiting for you. I think that’s something we need more than ever with all the events going on in the world. People want to feel safe and like everything’s going to be OK.”

Meghan Trainor tells Billboard magazine that being a mother has changed her approach to making music. “Being a mother has made choosing which songs to record more important now. I guess I’m also more mature, because I’m older and been through more, so now, I’m at an age and point in my life where I’m like, “Here’s what actually matters and here’s what doesn’t. I’m not going to stress anymore.”

Rosa Linn tells Wonderland magazine that her dream is to win an Oscar one day."I have always dreamt of winning a Grammy one day. But more than that, I want to win an Oscar for “Best Original Song.” Movie soundtracks are my absolute favourite and they hugely influence the writing process of my pop songs."

Billboard magazine says the band The 1975 was recently performing in England when Lewis Capaldi hopped on stage and covered Taylor Swift's song ''Love Story".

TMZ says the Ventura County, California police recently went to Britney Spears' house to perform a wellness check. Fans called the police because Britney deleted her Instagram account. A police spokesperson says, “I can confirm that we did get calls into our dispatch, and essentially, I can confirm that we don’t believe that Britney Spears is in any kind of harm or any kind of danger.''

he Daily Mail says '' Bridgerton'' star Rege Jean Paul has been named the Most Handsome Man in the World according to the Golden Ratio of Beautify. The Ratio was developed in Ancient Greece and is a scoring system for physical features. Chris Hemsworth finished second followed by Michael B Jordan and Harry Styles. Robert Pattinson came in 6th, Chris Evans came in 7th, George Clooney came in 8th and The Rock came in 10th

US Weekly Magazine says Alec Baldwin is allegedly petrified he may have to serve jail time for shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of their movie "Rust". He has been charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter. A source tells the magazine, “Alec is stunned and absolutely devastated. He’s trying to stay strong, but it’s a real challenge for him as the scale of this decision sinks in. The very thought of serving time in prison makes him and Hilaria sick to their stomachs. They can’t even imagine that scenario and are telling each other there’s no way on earth this can ultimately happen.”

US Weekly Magazine claims Jennifer Garner and John Miller may be heading towards marriage. A source tells the magazine, “Jennifer adores John and still sees a long-term future with him. There’s no desire on her part to slow things down, spend less time together or anything like that. She’s just decided after a lot of thought that she’s just not in a hurry to rush down the aisle just yet and that she feels perfectly happy cherishing and enjoying what they have — for now — without a formal label.”

US Weekly Magazine says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may call a truce with the Royal family prior to King Charles III's coronation. A source tells the magazine, “I suspect that there are some efforts going on to try and make some form of reconciliation … I think because they don’t want [family tensions] to upset what’s going on on that very important day. Whether or not that’s possible is one thing, and whether or not it’s lasting is another thing. Even if they do manage to make some form of peace, [it] might be temporary. I think it’s going to be extremely difficult for them as a family — and more broadly, for the nation and for the Institution — to forgive what’s happened.”

Nikki Bella tells US Weekly Magazine that the wedding gown she originally bought for her wedding to John Cena is the same one she wore when she married her husband, Artem. “I went back and forth with that decision, I was like wait, why should I not wear what I love? Because of my past? It just didn’t make sense to me.” says Gisele Bundchen and her Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente, recently went on a horse riding date in Costa Rica. They spent two hours riding together through a mountain. The couple refused to answer questions from the paparazzi

Pamela Anderson gained 25 pounds while writing her memoir. The NY Post quotes her as saying, “It was crazy, but I had a physical reaction to telling my story. It was almost like I was hanging on to something — It was a protective… my puffy suit of armor. I don’t know what it was — I was thinking it was some kind of protection.”

11 Signs He Will Cheat Again … According to a new survey by the General Social Survey

1. He has cheated in his past relationships

2. He doesn’t communicate well

3. Keeping secrets is one of the signs he will cheat again

4. The ‘other woman’ is still a part of the equation

5. He is not ready to go the extra mile

6. His body language is deceptive

7. He is ‘extra-friendly’ with other women

8. He plays the victim card

9. He gaslights you

10. The catalysts that fueled the cheating incident have not been fixed

11. He was raised in a dysfunctional family

Valentine's Day Survey

A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that Americans plan to spend $25.9 billion on Valentine's Day. That's up $2 billion from last year. Other findings:

- 52% of people plan to celebrate Valentine's Day.

- The average person will spend $192.80 on Valentine's Day. That's up from $175 last year

Break-Up Survey

A new survey by Lovehoney reveals that 69% of people have stayed friends with an ex-partner after a breakup. 30% of men want to stay friends with an ex because they want a Friends with Benefits relationship

Dear Fonseca

Is it wrong to dump someone if you have different eating habits? My boyfriend and I are both in college and met during a class three months ago. His true colors are now starting to show. I have a pet peeve about eating so when he eats his pizza with a knife and fork or dips his fries in Ranch dressing I have a problem with it. The last straw came when he added marshmallows to his salad. Marshmallows should never be in a salad. My friends laugh and say I am being shallow and should stop complaining. My boyfriend and I got into a huge fight on Monday night about him adding marshmallows to his salad. Should marshmallows be in a salad? Is it shallow and wrong to dump somebody because of their eating habits? I know I am not the only one who has experienced this,

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