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Fonseca Show Trending 01/26/21

Coronavirus Trending

- The NY Post says Vaccine Chasers are camping out at vaccination sites in hopes of getting leftover doses.

- The Daily Mail says the University of Birmingham is developing a new nasal spray that prevents people from catching the coronavirus. Scientists hope to have the spray in pharmacies by the Summer.

- Business Insider says Moderna is developing a new covid-19 vaccine that's designed to fight the South African coronavirus



- The Daily Mail says the iPhone 12 can interfere with pacemakers and other medical devices. Apple says the iPhone 12 should be kept at least six inches away from medical devices because their magnets and electromagnetic fields may interfere with their ability to properly work.

- Forbes Magazine says Dr. Anthony Fauci is the highest paid employee in the entire U.S. federal government. He made $417,680 in 2019.

- WLNS says HBO Max is developing a Harry Potter TV series. The show will follow several Hogwarts alumni

- E! News says My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is suing the Daily Mail for $75,000 for claiming he dated ''30 Rock'' actress Jane Krakowski. He says the story has done harm to his reputation


Food & Drink Trending

- PR Newswire says Hersey Chocolate is coming out with a new candy bar called Whozeewhatzit. It has peanut butter cream, rice crisps and chocolate candy and is similar to the Whatchamacallit candy bar

- Newser says Godiva Chocolate is closing all of their U.S. stores. Customers will still be able to order Godiva chocolate through the company's website. The stores are closing because of a drop in sales due to the coronavirus.

- BroBible says Buffalo Wild Wings announced their Super Bowl promotion yesterday. They Tweeted: ''FREE WINGS! If Kansas City-Tampa Bay goes to overtime, everyone in America gets wings.''

- Adweek says Budweiser is not going to run any Super Bowl commercials this year.Instead, they will run public service announcements for the coronavirus vaccines. It's the first time in 37 years that Budweiser has not run a Super Bowl ad

Bernie Sanders Mittens Meme Doll Selling For $15,000: The Houston Chronicle says Tobey King, of Corpus Christi, Texas, recently knitted a Bernie Sanders doll that resembles his mittens meme. She is now selling the nine-inch doll on eBay. Bids have reached $15,000. Proceeds are going to benefit Meals on Wheels. says Gabby Barrett and her husband, Cade, are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Baylah May Foehner. The couple has been married for a year and met on American Idol.

Talent Recap says Gwen Stefani won't allow Blake Shelton to see his friends because of the coronavirus. The website quote him as saying, “She’s very strong about this quarantine thing, which is great. She’s the only person I get to see so, that’s it. No buddy hanging out time. When you’re a prideful, stubborn guy like myself for me to text you back and say, ‘Man, Gwen won’t let me go.’ That’s tough. It’s embarrassing”

Billie Eilish tells Vanity Fair magazine that she has no concept of money. "I don’t know what things cost because I've never been an adult before, and I grew up with no money. It's a really weird position I’m in. I feel kind of stupid because I'm like, 'I don't know how much Froot Loops are.' I tried to order one box of Froot Loops and I was like, Oh yeah, sure. It’s $35. I didn’t know that that's expensive...I ordered 70 [little] boxes."

The Weeknd tells Variety magazine that he is extremely approachable. “I’m very approachable and people don’t really know that about me. It might be surprising to some to learn how inquisitive I am and how much I love talking to people and going deep into conversation.”

Ariana Grande tells Billboard magazinethat she was very strange as a child. "I always wanted to have skeleton face paint on or be wearing a Freddy Krueger mask, and I would carry a hockey stick around. I was like a mini-Helena Bonham Carter. For my fifth birthday party we had a Jaws theme and all my friends left crying. I mean, I still am that way. But when I was little it was more concerning. There was a stage, when I was 3 or 4, where my mom thought I might grow up to be a serial killer."

Dua Lipa tells that she didn't think singing was a real job. “When people used to ask what I wanted to be I’d always say a singer, but I never thought it was a real job. I thought it was as far-fetched as cartoon characters on TV."

24kGoldn tells that he would love to collaborate with Billie Eilish. “I would love to work with Billie Eilish. She is incredibly talented and incredibly beautiful, of course… let’s make it happen.”

TMZ says Matthew Perry has sold his Malibu, California mansion for $13.1 million. He bought the home in 2011 for $12 million. It has views of the Pacific Ocean, an outdoor spa, a movie theater and a wraparound deck

New Idea magazine claims Meghan Markle is allegedly grooming her son, Archie, for the Royal Throne. A source tells the magazine, ''Archie is all studied up on his royal side of the family just in case he ever needs to step up and become king. Markle would be thrilled if the unthinkable ever did happen and Archie was required to return to England because she would get the rank and power that she always wanted- mom to a king.

Ben Affleck's ex-girlfriend, Ana de Armas, tells The Sunday Times newspaper that she spent nine months perfecting Marilyn Monroe's voice for her new movie "Blonde". "It only took me nine months of dialect coaching, and practicing, and some ADR sessions. It was big torture, so exhausting. My brain was fried."

Mickey magazine, citing Life & Style Weekly Magazine, claims Ben Affleck's ex-girlfriend, Ana de Armas, was allegedly upset after Jennifer Garner reportedly banned her from the family's holiday celebrations. A source tells the news outlets, “She had expected to spend Christmas with Ben and his family, but she was banned from the festivities, which hurt. Jen definitely isn’t Ana’s biggest fan and she shows it by being cold and unwelcoming. But not letting her come to their first Christmas celebration was the last straw. Ana got into a huge argument with Ben over it. She told him that if he doesn’t stand up to his ex and get Jen to stop being mean to her, it’s over.''

TMZ says Tom Brady's father, Tom Brady Sr, was hospitalized for three weeks last year with the coronavirus. He tells ESPN, "I was in the hospital with COVID for almost 3 weeks and my wife was sick with COVID at the same time. We didn't even see the first two games of the year. First two games I've ever missed in his career because I was sick as a dog and my wife was sick as a dog. It was a matter of life and death just like anybody [who] goes into the hospital ... serious stuff. We’ve never missed a game [when Tom was playing] at Michigan or New England or wherever. [But] for the first two games [of the 2020 NFL season] when I was in the hospital, I didn’t even care if [The Bucs] were playing much less missing the game. Now it’s in the rearview mirror. We’re healthy, we’re happy and everything is good."

Former NFL coach and announcer John Madden tells ESPN that he would make his assistant coaches play the Madden game in preparation for upcoming opponents if he were still coaching today. “I would have a couple of young guys that are good, good Madden players, and hire them and put them on my staff. And each week I would have them play our opponent. If the Raiders are playing Kansas City, I’d have one of them be the Raiders and one of them be Kansas City. And then I would run our players against their defenses and their defenses against our players. And I’d have them just check that out and then write up — this was good, this was bad, had trouble here and trouble there. I don’t know how much I would use it, but that’s what I would do.”

TMZ says a Joe Exotic impersonator has been spotted in Las Vegas. Vegas Joe has been hired to impersonate the Tiger King star in an upcoming Sin City show. Vegas Joe looks just like Joe Exotic and has the same clothes, mannerisms, piercings and tattoos.

The Daily Mail says Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee's son, Brandon, confronted an alleged home invader yesterday in Malibu, California. He took a golf club and started swinging at the man because he claims he tried to break into his home. The unidentified man said he was at the residence to see a lawyer.

The Sun says Martha Stewart paid tribute to the late Larry King yesterday by revealing that they once went on a dinner date. "We went out on a dinner date. I thought it was a business date but it turns out it was sort of a dinner date."

Super Bowl Snack Survey

A new survey by Chi-Chi's Salsa and Chips reveals that 84% of people plan to watch the Super Bowl this year. Other findings:

- 76% of people enjoy salsa during the Big Game

- 70% of people say they double dip at parties.

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