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Fonseca Show Trending 01/25/23


- Entertainment Tonight says Paris Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, are the proud parents of a new baby boy. A source tells the TV show, "Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed a baby boy via surrogate. Paris is so incredibly happy and has always dreamed of being a mom. Her friends and family are thrilled for her and know she is going to be the best mom."

- Entertainment Tonight says Chris Stapleton has been chosen to sing the National Anthem at this year's Super Bowl. Babyface will perform ''America the Beautiful.''

- Uproxx says the new Madonna biopic has been scrapped because she is going on a world tour. Julia Garner was going to play Madonna. Julia played Ruth Langmore on the Netflix series ''Ozark''

- Mashed magazine says Chef Gordon Ramsay recently trashed Logan Paul's new energy drink Prime. Gordon said it tasted like perfume and gave it a rating of zero out of 10 stars.

- The USA Today newspaper says Oreo is launching a new cookie called The Most Oreo Oreo. The cookie has more cream than ever and is infused with bits of cookies and cream. It will hit stores on January 30th.

- Footwear News says Walmart is raising their minimum wage to $14 an hour.That's up from $12 an hour. Workers with preferred experience could start at $32 per hour

- Fox Business News says Serta Simmons has filed for bankruptcy because they are $1.9 billion in debt. They hope to reduce their debt to $300 million

- BroBible says ticket prices for this week's NFC Championship game between the Eagles and 49ers are selling for as much as $4,178. StubHub says the cheapest seats can be had for $500. WJET says the least expensive Super Bowl ticket now costs $5,000.

- A new survey by Tesco Mobile reveals that the average person can only go without their phone and television for just five hours. 71% of people say they struggle when they don't have Internet access


You Think Your Grocery Prices Are High? Check Out Hawaii's: The Daily Mail says grocery prices are skyrocketing in Hawaii because food has to be imported from the mainland.

milk costs $9.49 a gallon

Ranch dressing costs $15.59 a bottle

bread costs $8.49 a loaf

a container of blueberries costs $6.49

a box of Cocoa Pebbles costs $9

orange juice costs $7 a container

a dozen eggs costs $7.89

a pack of bacon costs $10.99

Splash Mountain Water Selling On eBay: WFLA says Disney World recently closed Splash Mountain. The ride is being retooled and renamed. Splash Mountain's final riders bottled it's water. Now, jars of water from Splash Mountain are being sold on eBay for as much as $150. Splash Mountain Fastpass cards are selling for as much as $1,300.

Entertainment Tonight says Brendon Urie is ending Panic at the Disco because he is about to become a father. He posted; "Well, it’s been a hell of a journey. The prospect of being a father and getting to watch my wife become a mother is both humbling and exciting. I look forward to this next adventure. That said, I am going to bring this chapter of my life to an end and put my focus and energy on my family, and with that Panic! At The Disco will be no more.''

FBC News says Ed Sheeran was recently traveling through New Zealand when he stopped into a small pub for a beer and lunch. Pub manager Debbie Sinclair didn't believe it was Ed, so she asked for his ID. The two then enjoyed some beers and fries together before taking selfies.

AV Club says Justin Bieber has sold the rights to his entire music catalog for $200 million. A UK company bought all of his music rights

Taylor Swift tells Seventeen magazine that she loves leaving Easter eggs in her songs for fans to find. "I cannot believe how dedicated they are, how thoughtful, I can't believe how much they care. It makes it more fun for me to create music knowing that they'll care about little Easter eggs or clues or hints."

Meghan Trainor tells Billboard magazine that being a mother lets you know what love really is. "You know how the clichés say, 'You don't know what love is until you have your own child'? It's just more chances of your heart being destroyed because you love something so much. Like when he was a week old, I cried every time I thought anything bad could happen. I had all these racing, horrifying thoughts, and it was just because of how much I loved this nugget, this new person. Everything is just extra important. It's a wake-up call."

Rihanna tells Entertainment Tonight that she is nervous about performing at halftime of the Super Bowl. “I can’t believe I even said yes. It was one of those things that even when I announced it, I was like, ‘OK, I can’t take it back. Now, it’s like final'. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, it’s an entertainer’s dream to be on a stage like that. But it’s nerve-racking. You want to get it right. You know, everybody’s watching. And they’re rooting for you. And I want to get it right”\

Decider magazine says the Internet is outraged at the Academy Awards for not nominating Tom Cruise for Best Actor for his role in "Top Gun: Maverick".

The film's producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, tells The Hollywood Reporter, ''I’ve been doing this a long time and it finally got around to me.We brought an older audience back to theaters who hadn’t been going. And I think the Academy responded to that. Tom willed this into existence. He’s the heartbeat of the movie.''

Fans react ...

''Tom Cruise learned to fly an F-18 for Maverick. No actor has ever been more method. The Oscars are stupid…''

''No Tom Cruise for Best Actor? I know the award isn’t for “Man most willing to be strapped to a missile and fired into the sun if it makes you 8% more willing to buy a movie ticket”, but at least give the guy a nomination!''


Blake Shelton tells People magazine that he hopes NBC gives him a chair from ''The Voice'' when he exits the show after next season. “I don’t know if they’re gonna offer that or not. I feel like they owe me a chair though. I mean, who else can sit in my chair? It’s like the three bears — I don’t want anybody else sitting in my chair. I’m gonna try to get that away from them. Maybe I’ll have to buy it or something. I’m sure they’re gonna say, ‘Well, the one thing you took was a lot of our money, so you should be happy with that.''

TMZ says Tim Allen continues to deny Pamela Anderson's claims that he flashed her on the set of ''Home Improvement.'' Yesterday, a clip showing Tim flashing co-star Patricia Richardson was posted online. Patricia tells TMZ, "People ask me what was under the kilt when he flashed me, he was well dressed under there, I was just shocked that he lifted the kilt, not by a man in boxer shorts."

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry tells Business Insider that he wants director Ryan Coogler to cast him in ''Black Panther 3.'' "Tell him to see if we can shoot it in the Summer and see if he can find a nice role for me in that universe. Absolutely, you put the pressure on and we'll see what he says"

Giant Freaking Robot says Saturday Night Live workers have allegedly gone on strike. A statement from the Motion Pictures Editors Guild reads: “The film workers at Saturday Night Live made it clear they want management acknowledged their wishes. Therefore, it’s very disappointing that despite best efforts, there is still no framework for a contract. She added that the union remains committed to getting a contract in place as soon as possible.

The Daily Mail says Gisele Bundchen has no regrets about ending her marriage to Tom Brady. A source tells the newspaper, ''She knows she made the right decision in her life, and is focused on her career and her kids. Gisele will do what she needs to do and go where she needs to be.''

TMZ and Marca magazine say Kim Kardashian has gotten a restraining order against

Zigler. He started contacting her in December and has been to her home several times. Zigler sent Kim a diamond ring and keys to a hotel room for a rendezvous. He has a criminal record and has been ordered to stay away from Kim and her children

Most-Watched TV Shows Before Bed ... According to a new survey by Best Mattress

Family Guy – 20.2%

American Dad – 17.1%

Bob’s Burgers – 16.7%

Saturday Night Live – 14.9%

Football – 13.5%

The Simpsons – 13.1%

The Big Bang Theory - 11.4%

Basketball – 11%

Modern Family – 10.1%

Baseball - 10%


Most Commonly Removed Tattoos ... According to a new survey by the tattoo removal studio NAAMA

1. Writing and quotes

2. Symbols

3. Flowers (rose being the most removed flower)

4. Tribal

5. Hearts

10 Warning Signs A Restaurant Doesn’t Deserve Your Business … According to a new article by Finance Buzz

1. Dirty bathrooms

2. Unfriendly or rude staff

3. Service takes forever

4. Poor social media reviews

5. Inflated prices

6. It’s too loud

7. Weird smells you can’t pinpoint

8. Tables aren’t cleared

9. No one else is there

10. Bad health department ratings

Extra Time Survey

A new survey by Dave's Killer Bread reveals that 60% of people don't believe there are enough hours in the day to get everything done. Other findings:

- 20% of people would sleep if they had extra time

- 34% of people would do chores if they had extra time

- 21% of people would go back to school if they had extra time

What Drains People Of Their Energy The Most? …. According to a new survey by Dave's Killer Bread

Cleaning (housework/chores) – 33%

Preparing for events (holiday, visiting family, etc.) – 28%

My job/work – 28%

Financial responsibilities – 27%

Climate change and other environmental concerns – 26%

Taking care of my family – 24%

Taking care of myself – 21%

Traveling – 18%

Politics – 17%

Dear Fonseca

I read that Paris Hilton and her husband had a baby yesterday through a surrogate. I'm 30. My husband and I are talking about having children. We may use a surrogate because I workout all the time and don't want to lose my body nor do I want stretch marks. My family and friends think I'm shallow because I want someone else to have the baby even though my husband and I are fully healthy and capable of having a child on our own. They think I'm vain for wanting to preserve my body. Am I? Is there anything wrong with wanting to use a surrogate? Am I being shallow?

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