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Fonseca Show Trending 01/24/23


- The NY Post says Amazon owner Jeff Bezos may sell the Washington Post newspaper in order to buy the Washington Commanders football team.

- Ace Showbiz says Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing a new motivational book. No word on a title or when it will be released

- NBC says Robert Pattinson recently wore a tweed skirt to a Paris Fashion Week show. He accented the skirt with a brown fur coat and black boots - Footwear News says Sarah Jessica Parker is opening a shoe store in New York City. The SJP Collection store will be located in the West Village, which is down the block from where Carrie Bradshaw's apartment was on ''Sex And The City''.

- PR Newswire says Ben & Jerry's is launching two new flavors. Bossin' Cream Pie tastes like a custard-filled doughnut and features vanilla custard ice cream with cake pieces and pastry cream swirls. Raspberry Cheesecake features a cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker pieces, raspberry swirls, white chocolate ganache and graham cracker crumbles

- Geekspin says Fisher Price has created a Little People Seinfeld set. The toy figures resemble Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and George. They are 2.5 inches tall and have 90s hair and 90s clothing. The set sells for $25 on Amazon


Geo TV says Sam Smith was recently doing an interview with Drew Barrymore when he said people mistake him for Adele. "Everyone seems to think that I'm Adele in drag. Cause we've never been seen in the same room together, and if you slow down her voice, it sounds maybe a bit like mine. So people think that we're the same person, and I'm just in drag right now."

Sam Smith tells Entertainment Tonight that he was once booted off of Tinder. ''I did Tinder once, I think I got chucked off of Tinder. I got chucked off of Hinge because they thought that I wasn’t me. Well, I didn’t verify my profile, so I should have done that.”

Mel B tells Entertainment Tonight that she wants Viola Davis to play her in a movie about the Spice Girls. "I did just watch a movie called 'The Woman King' with Viola Davis, and I want to join that tribe. There's so many great actresses out there -- Viola Davis, Halle Berry, I mean, the list is endless!"

Pink tells Music Mayhem magazine that being a mother is a constant learning process. "I'm constantly learning and figuring stuff out. I get overwhelmed by it all sometimes. I am an extrovert. I process out loud, and my daughter is an introvert and I don’t know what she’s thinking half the time. I kept trying to get her to open up, which caused her to close up more. I'm teaching myself to give her her space and let her open up when she's ready."

The Weeknd tells that seeing the original 'Avatar' movie changed his life. “I was homeless, pretty much. I had dropped out of school. I didn’t know if I was going to succeed as a musician. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to live to see tomorrow. And I remember I somehow got to see the film in theaters. I don’t know how I got in. It was such an escape from my real life that the film is tattooed in my brain. It made me realize anything is possible.”

The NY Post says Pete Davidson is having all of his Kim Kardashian tattoos removed. The inkings that say 'Kim' and 'My girl is a lawyer' have been lasered off. Pete also got rid of the tattoo bearing the initials of Kim's kids

The NY Post says Sylvester Stallone once wanted to date Pamela Anderson. In her new Netflix documentary, “Pamela, A Love Story,” Anderson claims, “He offered me a condo and a Porsche to be his ‘No. 1 girl’ He goes ‘That’s the best offer you’re gonna get, honey. You’re in Hollywood now.’ I wanted to be in love. I didn’t want anything less than that.”

Stallone's reps say, “The statement from Pamela Anderson attributed to my client is false and fabricated. Mr. Stallone confirms that he never made any portion of that statement.”

The Dallas Observer says Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul recently traveled to Dallas to promote their Mezcal brand Dos Hombres. Thousands of fans waited in the cold for 90 minutes in order to get a bottle signed by the Breaking Bad stars. One fan dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend while waiting. She accepted his proposal. Bryan and Aaron took pictures with the newly engaged couple. Some people showed up to the meet-and-greet in hazmat suits while others dressed as Bryan's character Walter White.

The International News, citing Closer magazine, says Jennifer Aniston allegedlly continues to be leery of Brad Pitt's new girlfriend, Ines de Ramon. A source tells the news outlets, Jen and Brad have got really friendly in recent years, but this new romance has made her back off. What’s made matters worse however, is the age gap and that has definitely raised Jen’s eyebrows – she’s told friends she’s got a bad feeling about it.” Brad is 59 while Ines is 30.

Rob Gronkowski tells Fox Sports that he doesn't think Tom Brady will retire. “Everyone wants to know about Tom Brady’s future, and I don’t even think Tom knows what his future holds right now. But let me tell you this, he was top-five in passing yards last season, he can still play the game. Let me tell you, it’s going to be whatever situation intrigues him the most. Whatever opportunity makes him the most excited to play the game of football, that’s where he will be next year.”

When asked about continuing to play, Tom Brady told the Let's Go Podcast, "If I knew what I was going todo, I'd have already done it. OK? I'm taking it a day at a time. I appreciate your asking, thank you."

The Sun says Will Smith is going to star in the sequel to ''Aladdin''. He will reprise his role as the Genie. A source tells the newspaper, “This would be one of the first movies Will has shot since the Oscars slap and it is quite surprising, given that it will be for a kids’ film. He has done a lot of work on himself and the consensus is that it will all be very much in the past by the time the movie is released. The first film was a huge success so it would be silly not to make another, and it would be a real shame to have to re-cast Will over what happened. So Disney is keen to stand by him and bring him back into the fold.”

Pop Culture magazine says Prince Harry slams Elvis Presley and Graceland in his new memoir "Spare". He writes, "People variously called the house a castle, a mansion, a palace. But it reminded me of the badger sett, Dark, claustrophobic. I walked around saying, 'The King lived here, you say? Really?' I stood in one tiny room with loud furniture and shag carpet and thought, 'The King's interior designer must have been on acid.'"

The International News says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have purchased a new Range Rover. The SUV costs $147,000 and is not eco-friendly as it's CO2 emissions are more than double the recommended levels for the state of California. Harry and Megan's security guards have been driving the SUV. Harry bought the Rover after his memoir became the fastest selling non-fiction book of all time

Lying On Resume Survey A new survey by Resume Builder reveals that 72% of people have lied on their resume. Other findings:

- those without a high school diploma are more likely to lie on their resume than those with a diploma

- 41% of job Seekers have no regrets about lying on their resume.

- 73% of people, who lied on their resume were hired for the job they applied for

Coffee Survey

A new survey by Safe Betting Sites reveals that 79% of people drink two or more cups of coffee per day.

favorite ways to drink coffee ...

Drip Coffee — 36%

Cappuccino — 11%

Iced Coffee — 10%

Instant Coffee — 9%

Dear Fonseca

Our family is divided over our cat. She is 12 and needs a biopsy. Our veterinarian thinks she may need surgery. Half of the family doesn't think we should do surgery because it's expensive and she is an old cat. The other half of the family wants to save the cat because they consider her a family member and think she has many good years left. What would you do if you were us?

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