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Fonseca Show Trending 01/16/23

Trending what Fonseca Found today

- KLAS says Evel Knievel's son, Robbie Knievel, has died at the age of 60 from pancreatic cancer. He was in hospice when he passed away. Robbie once jumped over 30 limousines.

- Miss Universe USA R'Bonney Gabriel won the Miss Universe crown on Saturday night in New Orleans.

- Mashed magazine says Domino's Pizza supports pineapple on pizza. They started a Twitter war over the weekend with the following post: "if u still don't like pineapple on ur pizza plz grow up."

- KLAS says Geoffrey Esper won the World Bagel Eating Championship over the weekend in Vegas. He downed 17 3/4 bagels with cream cheese in eight minutes. Geoffrey took home $7,500 in cash.

- KLAS says two people recently rode horses to a McDonald's in Las Vegas. The people were dressed like cowboys. They tied their horses up and then went in to eat.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Avatar: The Way of Water,” $31.1 million.

2. “M3GAN,” $17.9 million.

3. “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” $13.4 million.

4. “A Man Called Otto,” $12.7 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $50 million to produce)

5. “Plane,” $10 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $25 million to produce)

6. “House Party,” $3.9 million.

7. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” $2.2 million.

8. “The Whale,” $1.5 million.

9. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” $1.2 million.

10. “Waltair Veeraya,” 905,000.

Sam Smith tells that he would one day like to get married at Hobbiton in New Zealand where the Lord of the Rings movies were shot. “I’d say the best day of my entire life was when I went to Hobbiton for the first time. I’d love to get married at Hobbiton. That’s my dream wedding venue.''

Meghan Trainor tells Billboard magazine that she loves being a mom. “Being a mommy is the best feeling ever. I'm already planning on getting pregnant again. I want to have another child in 2023!"

Kim Petras tells NBC that she's glad she has music as a way to express herself.“I sometimes go through phases where I’m bored of my reality and writing about my feelings. I just want to make music that is a completely different character. Everyone has a million sides to them; the best thing about being an artist is that we get to show those sides. Everything I've had bottled up inside of me comes out in my songs. It's very therapeutic.”

Pink tells Music Mayhem magazine that her children have no concept of personal space. “We really need to get more locks our house,. I try to explain to my children that me going to the bathroom is not an invitation for a family meeting. Here’s the problem when you don’t have boundaries in your house — I’ll go in the shower and have a full out loud conversation with myself and I’ll turn around and Willow’s been standing there staring at me the entire time.”

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that women shouldn't let the world turn them against each other. “Everywhere you look there are ads, shows, everything is trying to get us to compete with each other. I say no. We should stand united against this mess. Show the world it has no control over us. We should support and defend each other, not fight and degrade each other."

Perez Hilton says Britney Spears recently stormed out of a Woodland Hills, California restaurant. She and her husband, Sam, sat down to eat when other diners recognized them and started recording them on their smartphones. Sam stormed out of the restaurant. Britney allegedly started yelling and speaking gibberish before she and her bodyguard left. The guard came back to pay the bill

Entertainment Tonight says Lisa Marie Presley is going to be buried next to her son, Benjamin. Her body will be laid to rest at Presley's family estate in Tennessee. Elvis's parents, his grandmother and his twin brother are also buried at Graceland. NBC says Nicolas Cage honored his ex-wife by posting the following; “This is devastating news. Lisa had the greatest laugh of anyone I ever met. She lit up every room, and I am heartbroken. I find some solace believing she is reunited with her son Benjamin.” Nic and Lisa were married from 2002 to 2004

Bryan Cranston tells the E! News Network that he wants to do a ''Malcolm in the Middle'' reunion. "There was some talk about the possibility of doing like a reunion movie of Malcolm in the Middle. We had such a great family on that and I certainly would be open to that if there was a good idea that came up like, 'Oh, that would be fantastic to explore what happened to this family 20 years later.' I can't believe it's already that, but that would be fun to do."

Ryan Reynolds tells The Playlist that he is open to singing his Oscar nominated song, "Good Afternoon", at the Academy Awards. “I wouldn’t do it without Will. So I’d have to talk to him, but it’s definitely on the table. I can’t guarantee anything. But it is definitely on the table. Look, our bread and butter is not being a couple of Charlotte Churches, we are Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. So, the threshold for success here is not insanely high. So, I can’t imagine a scenario in which we wouldn’t want to get out on that stage and do a version of “Good Afternoon” for the Hollywood show. It should be fun.”

PW Mania says 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin recently stunned customers at the Burger Me restaurant in Reno, Nevada. He was serving food from the drive-thru. People quickly caught on that Steve was filming a TV commercial. He took selfies with fans.

The Sun says Michael B Jordan has moved on from Lori Harvey and is now dating a British bikini model named Amber Jepsen. She is 26. A source tells the newspaper, She is keen to see where the relationship can go. It’s early stages but Amber and Michael are really keen on each other. They make a handsome, cute couple and are both financially independent.''

Radar Online says Miley Cyrus allegedly tried to reach out to her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. A source tells the website he snubbed her. “Miley wants to do some emotional healing and had hoped she and Liam could find a way to be friends again. But Liam won’t even return her calls and has let her know through others he doesn’t want any contact with her. He feels more at home with Gabriella than he did with Miley and feels like he can be his complete self without any drama. They are very happy together and it’s comfortable and easy.”

Ryan Reynolds tells Big Issue magazine that he is training hard for ''Deadpool 3''. ''Training for a superhero movie is something I've been doing since I was 20, and I'm 46 now. Doing a fight sequence is in my bones. I memorize them very fast. I can make a mistake and use that mistake to my advantage in the moment. Whereas dancing, if I make one mistake, I completely fall apart.''

Most Attractive Jobs For A Romantic Partner … According to a new survey by the dating site Badoo

Most attractive jobs for a woman ...

1 Hairdresser

2 Nurse

3 Lawyer

4 Entrepreneur

5 Teacher

Most attractive jobs for a man .. .

1 Chef

2 Engineer

3 Entrepreneur

4 Marketing

5 Artist

TOP 10 WORST DRIVING STATES … According to a new survey by Quote Wizard based on accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations

1 Utah

2 California

3 Iowa

4 Wisconsin

5 Ohio

6 North Dakota

7 Virginia

8 Arizona

9 Hawaii

10 Rhode Island

Dear Fonseca

I am engaged to an extremely good looking man. I have seen women throw themselves at him. I am thinking about placing an Apple Air Tag on his car without him knowing. I want to make sure that he is not doing anything he shouldn't be before we get married. Sometimes men get weak and have a hard time saying NO. I need to know that I can trust him before we marry. It's not his fault he's attractive and women are flirting with him. I told my best friend what I am planning on doing. She says the relationship is wrong if I'm even thinking about doing that. I disagree and think it's a good test before we get married. What do you think? Is it wrong that I'm following him without him knowing?

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