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Fonseca Show MLK DAY 01/15/24

Latest Best of Calls:


- PhillyVoice says Popeyes will give out free chicken wings on February 13th if an NFL team with wings in its name, logo, or mascot wins the Super Bowl. This promotion applies to the Eagles, Ravens, and Bills. Customers at participating Popeyes restaurants will receive a free six-piece order of wings with any online or in-app purchase if one of these teams wins. 

- Brobible says Buffalo Bills fans, known as Bills Mafia, recently showed their dedication by shoveling snow at Highmark Stadium while shirtless. The fans were helping to prepare the stadium for the AFC Wild Card Round game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fans braved the cold weather and slid down the steps. The game is scheduled for today

- The Las Vegas Review-Journal says Joey Chestnut won the bagel eating championship over the weekend. He downed 15 bagels in eight minutes. Chestnut expressed his satisfaction with the victory, but believes there is room for improvement and plans to break the record next year.  He won $5,000.

- Totally the Bomb says Sony has introduced a car that can be driven with a PS5 controller. The demo model, named Afeela, may be available in the future

- TMZ says a Tom Brady baseball card recently sold for $158,600. The signed card was a Topps Tom Brady Montreal Expos Superfractor card. Despite never playing professional baseball, the value of the card skyrocketed due to Brady's status as the greatest quarterback of all time.

- TwistedSifter says Walmart is now locking up health, beauty, hair, skincare, and wellness products to prevent theft.  Customers are split over the new safety measure


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Mean Girls,” $28 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $36 million to produce. The film earned $6.5 million overseas for a total opening weekend of $34.5 million)

2. “The Beekeeper,” $16.8 million.

3. “Wonka,” $8.4 million.

4. “Anyone But You,” $6.9 million.

5. “Migration,” $6.2 million.

Blue Monday Is A Myth: Indy100 says Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year. The third Monday of January is supposedly a time when the post-Christmas blues kick in. Researchers at Glasgow University have found that there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year. Experts have dismissed Blue Monday as nonsense, stating that it was created to promote post-holiday sales. 

Top 10 Ways To Beat The Blue Monday Blues ... According to a new article by The Sun

1. Smile at strangers

2. Give compliments

3. Have morning sex

4. Take a cold shower

5. Strike a power pose

6. Wear bright colors

7. Start a positive journal

8. Eat chocolate

9. Get outside

10. Practice positive affirmations and take a digital detox.

Ace Showbiz says Miley Cyrus' alleged stalker, Alexander Karddalian, was arrested outside her Los Angeles home. Karddalian showed up with a stuffed animal despite a restraining order against him. Miley and her team noticed him and called the police. Miley had previously been granted a restraining order against Karddalian due to his "obsessive behavior"

Miley Cyrus tells Billboard magazine that she nearly burned herself out when she was younger. “I was working 12 hour days, sometimes longer. People were telling me "You're young. You have the energy. You can do this." And I believed them. But now I look back and realize I did so much that I didn't need to. I almost burned myself out before I hit 25. It was crazy.”

Selena Gomez tells Vogue magazine that she's learned how important it is to take care of yourself. “Taking care of yourself is something that was very challenging for me to do for a long time, and its something that has helped me find a routine to help me center myself. I've become so much better at self-comfort and not letting people bust my bubble. It's made me so much happier.”

Dua Lipa tells The New York Times newspaper that she is not content with just being a pop star. "I want to use my personal passions and leverage my platform to create opportunities and make a meaningful impact in various industries. I don't want to be limited to just music, I want to explore different avenues and expand my influence. I want to make a true difference in this world."

Jelly Roll tells People magazine that he's training for his first 5K in May by walking every morning.  “Kyle from the [comedy troupe] Nelk Boys convinced me that I could make it to the 5K by May if I dedicated myself to it.”

The News International says Tom Cruise will be leading the cast of ‘’Top Gun 3’’ alongside Miles Teller and Glen Powell. The third installment of the Top Gun franchise has been given the green light by Paramount. ‘’Top Gun: Maverick’’ was a massive success, grossing $1.5 billion and earning Cruise an Academy Award nomination.

KSHB says Travis Kelce recently helped rebuild a longtime resident's home in eastern Kansas City. Kelce's foundation, 87 & Running, donated money to fund the repairs needed at Gloria White's home. White, a huge fan of the Chiefs, had called Rebuilding Together Kansas City for help with various repairs, including a new roof and safety latches on her doors. Kelce's generosity meant the world to White and allowed her to stay in her home of 56 years.

CBS says the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium recently announced the arrival of a new Caribbean reef octopus named Taylor Swift. The octopus was named after the singer because it arrived on her birthday. The Caribbean reef octopus is known for its vibrant colors and problem-solving skills

The Daily Mail says Kevin Costner's ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, is dating his friend Josh Connor.  A source says, “They’re together and they have been for a while. They spent time before Christmas together in Hawaii while Kevin was presumably in Aspen with the kids. They also made a trip to New York together. She hasn’t been doing much to hide what’s going on from her friends.”

The Daily Star says Simon Cowell recently adopted a German Shepherd puppy named Pebbles. Fans were quick to celebrate the adorable new arrival, with many calling the puppy beautiful, gorgeous, and adorable. The family also have four other dogs: Squiddly, Diddly, Freddy and Daisy

Contact Music says Jonathan Majors has allegedly  been dropped from the upcoming Dennis Rodman movie '48 Hours in Vegas'. Majors, who was recently found guilty of harassing and assaulting his ex-girlfriend, will no longer play Rodman in the film. Lionsgate is also said to have pulled out of the project.

The Daily Beast says Ellen Degeneres has re-homed one of her chickens in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's chicken coop. ‘Sinkie’ was being bullied by other chickens after suffering a broken leg. Harry and Meghan, who live nearby, agreed to take in the bullied bird. Sinkie is now ready to rule the roost with her leg all healed and her bullies left behind.

The New York Post says Clint Eastwood's sunglasses, from the movie "Dirty Harry", are being auctioned off. They come with a letter of authenticity from Eastwood himself. Bidding for the sunglasses will start at $10,000. Other items up for sale include Arnold Schwarzenegger's sunglasses from the "Terminator" movies, Anthony Hopkins' mask from "The Silence of the Lambs" and Jack Nicholson's ax from "The Shining”.

American Idol alum William Hung tells People magazine that his marriage fell apart due to his gambling addiction. "I quit my job three years ago and became a professional poker player. I'd been doing it on the side for a while, and I decided maybe I was good enough to go for it. I was earning way more doing that than I was at my regular job. It was going well for a while.  Unfortunately I developed a gambling addiction. I knew I was good at poker, but then I got greedy. I got into sports betting. The whole gamut. I know better [now]. I wasn't supposed to do those things, but I did it anyway. And I paid for it. I got divorced, and I learned I had to be smart about which risks I chose to take."

Business Insider says Jo Koy mocked celebrities at the Golden Globes during his recent stand-up set in St. Louis. Koy compared the celebrity audience to "marshmallows" and called them soft and unable to laugh at themselves. He also mentioned that his St. Louis audience probably didn't watch the Golden Globes or care about the controversy


Newest Dating Term Is "Avalanching" 

The New York Post says singles are being warned about a dangerous new dating trend called "Avalanching." With Valentine's Day fast approaching, people are swiping on dating apps more frequently and throwing out their usual non-negotiables in order to secure a date. Experts warn that this can lead to settling for sub-par matches and not finding a lasting connection. 

Dating Survey

A new survey by the dating app Pure reveals that poor grammar is a major turn-off for 66% of daters. Other findings:

- 71% of singles get annoyed when their match doesn't use proper punctuation or  confuses words like "their" and "they're"

- 85% of singles consider quick replies to be a positive sign of interest

- 50% of online daters prefer short and consecutive messages instead of long paragraphs

- 66% of singles prefer audio calls over video chats when getting to know someone

- 74% of singles believe the ideal time for a date is within a week of matching

Pet Survey

A new survey by Study Finds reveals that  39% of pet owners lose 11 hours of sleep per week worrying about their pet. Other findings: 

- The leading cause for panic among pet owners is unexpected illness (52%)

- 68% of pet owners worry that their pet is getting into something forbidden when they're away 

- 46% of pet owners say they sleep better with their pets on the bed

10 Unhealthiest States … According to a new survey by Forbes Advisor based on drug abuse, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and chronic disease.

  1. West Virginia

  2. Mississippi

  3. Tennessee

  4. Arkansas

  5. Kentucky

  6. Alabama

  7. Louisiana

  8. Oklahoma

  9. Ohio

  10. Indiana

Top 4 Signs That Tell You To Run On Your First Date ... According to a new article by Identity Magazine:

1. Excessive self-talk, where one person dominates the conversation without giving the other person a chance to speak.

2. Not respecting personal boundaries, which is a serious red flag that indicates a lack of regard for the other person's comfort.

3. Completely different mindsets, where the two individuals have contrasting beliefs and values that may lead to complications in the future.

4. Things moving too fast, as it's important to take the time to get to know each other before rushing into any decisions.

Dear Fonseca,

The cold weather and Martin Luther King Jr Day gave my daughter and I the opportunity to travel this past weekend to my sister's house. My kid had an extra day off due to the cold weather on Friday. We went to the mall and a Sephora store on Saturday. My sister and I were putting makeup on my 6 year old daughter when another parent came up and said she's too young to be wearing makeup. I've been reading how Sephora shoppers are upset with teens and tweens for invading the store and buying cosmetics. I told the woman to mind her own business I don't think 6 years old is too young for makeup. It boosts my daughter's self-confidence and self-esteem so why not? The other mother said parents need to let kids be kids. Where do you stand on this? Should kids be going to Sephora? Is 6 years old too young for makeup? 

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