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Fonseca Show is still off but we got this...

Fonseca is out sick still but here are our Best Of Calls.....


- Business Insider says ChatGPT is giving bizarre answers. Some AI users have received nonsensical "Spanglish" answers while others received gibberish referencing jazz pianists. OpenAI acknowledged the issue and is investigating

- Entertainment Tonight says Taylor Swift is wearing a $6,500 Taylor N Travis friendship bracelet 

- says avocado coffee is trending on Tik Tok. People are putting giant scoops of avocado in their morning java. The drink is replacing avocado toast. 

- Contact Music says Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is developing a film about wrestling legend Ric Flair. A source tells the website, "This project is a passion project for Johnson, and he can't wait to share Flair's journey with the world."

- The NY Post says Prince Harry might have to give up his Royal titles to become a U.S. citizen. Renunciation of titles is required by US Immigration Services. 

- Brobible says Tiger Woods' son, Charlie Woods, is aiming to qualify for the Cognizant Classic at just 15 years old. The PGA Tour event will allow four low scorers to compete. 

- Variety magazine says the budget for “Joker 2” has soared past $200 million.Lady Gaga is set to earn $12 million for her role as Harley Quinn.  Joaquin Phoenix is earning $20 million to play The Joker 

- USA TODAY says KFC has unveiled the "Chizza". It features fried chicken filets with marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni toppings. The Chizza first appeared in the Philippines in 2015 and is now making its U.S. debut. 


Paul Russell tells Billboard magazine that he's glad he had to work a regular job before he was successful. “I think it helped having a job for so long where I’m pulling from normal life, and what normal life means to me. There are a lot of artists where I’ll relate to their early music, and not their later music. They don’t understand what real people are going through. You have to fight against that by understanding who you’re speaking to, and understanding what you have in common with people.”

Miley Cyrus tells Harper's Bazaar magazine that the secret to true beauty is to keep it simple. "I've been guilty of painting up my whole face and trying all these weird, wacky things. The truth of the matter is the more simple you keep it, the better you look. Makeup is supposed to accentuate your face, not cover it up. Keep it simple and you'll be shocked at the results."

Olivia Rodrigo tells that she takes being a role model for young women seriously. "I don't take it lightly when, you know, young girls come up to me and say that they look up to me or, you know, if I'm a role model for them in some way. And I've certainly gotten some side eyes from some concerned parents over some of the lyrics I've used in my songs in my career. I try to only use bad words in my songs to make strong points. Otherwise I want all ages to be able to listen to my music."

Luke Combs tells Billboard magazine that he likes to keep his shows simple. “People aren't coming to my shows expecting to see explosions and exotic set pieces. It's just me, my band, and my guitar. If going to see Taylor Swift is like going to see Ringling Bros., my show is like going to a demolition derby.”

Dua Lipa tells Rolling Stone magazine that she separates her onstage persona from who she is offstage. ““Sometimes you have to separate the art from the person.… It’s more like the music element, the aspect of it that I’m really connected to. The way that some artists act, the things that they’ve done, they’re obnoxious for sure. That’s their whole thing. That's not me. I'm a totally different person when I get off of that stage.”

People Magazine says Rihanna celebrated her 36th birthday with A$AP Rocky on a boat in Venice. The couple shared kisses and enjoyed a meal in Paris for Valentine's Day

Ace Showbiz says Tom Cruise has allegedly ended his relationship with Elsina Khayrova just days after meeting her kids. A source says, “To end things on a bad note would’ve been awkward if they bumped into each other in the lift. There are no hard feelings between them and, for Tom, their relationship simply ran its course.”

TMZ says Garth Brooks has invited Travis Kelce to sing "Friends in Low Places" at the opening of his new Nashville bar. Garth was impressed with Travis' rendition of the song at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration. Garth has even offered to send a private plane for Travis. An insider says, "Travis may have to choose between singing with Garth Brooks or checking out Taylor Swift's tour." 

In Touch Weekly says Travis Kelce is excited to join Taylor Swift on her tour in Australia. A source says, “He’s had to miss most of her concerts because of football season. But now that he has some free time, he’s planning to spend it with Taylor. He’s going to tag along with her on the road. Taylor will be busy, of course, but Travis just wants to be there to see her work. He’s always in awe of her when she performs, and he pampers her after her shows. He is hoping they can take a few private side trips and have some intimate candlelit dinners.”

Heat Magazine says Ben Affleck is allegedly worried about his decision to be a part of Jennifer Lopez's film, ‘’This Is Me... Now’’. A source says, “There is a very real risk this film will not get the reaction she’s expecting. Ben’s been complaining to friends this could end up being Gigli 2.0. It will be especially embarrassing for him considering the career he’s built up and how seriously he takes his projects. He’s scared he’s made a big mistake getting involved.’’

Closer Magazine says Bradley Cooper is allegedly planning to propose to Gigi Hadid. A source tells the magazine, "He’s been totally swept off his feet and proudly boasts how he’s hit the jackpot as she’s stunningly intelligent and beautiful, both inside and out. He even bought a house close to hers, which is a huge step considering they haven’t even been dating a year. He’s now openly talking about ring shopping and saying she’s The One. It’s a shock for his friends because they never saw this coming. They’re both open about wanting to settle down and have more kids, though there’s a sense that neither wants to rock the boat by piling on too much pressure. But if they continue at this rate, they’ll be moving in together very soon and Bradley will be proposing.”

Jimmy Kimmel tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper that he may retire from hosting his late night show when his contract expires in two years. "I think this is my final contract. I hate to even say it, because everyone's laughing at me now – each time I think that, and then it turns out to be not the case. I still have a little more than two years left on my contract, and that seems pretty good. That seems like enough."

People magazine says Gisele Bundchen and Joaquim Valente have been dating since June and are taking it slow. A source says,  "They started out as great friends first. She's very private about this and wanted to keep it quiet while they got to know each other."

A second source says: "They started out as friends. He was a huge comfort for Gisele while she went through her divorce. Their friendship turned romantic after the divorce. They come from similar backgrounds. They both left Brazil very young. They have both created amazing lives for themselves in the US. They both love Miami, but also enjoy traveling. They both enjoy healthy living. Gisele's in a great space. She is happy and very much enjoying life. Joaquim is perfect for her."

Uproxx says Kevin Costner is building a Costner-themed restaurant in Utah. The restaurant will feature menu items like Bull Durham Burgers, Robin Hood Ravioli and Tin Cup Tostadas. Kevin is also building a movie studio in the area

The Daily Beast says Amanda Bynes has given up acting and is now offering life advice on Cameo for $100. She is sharing her personal struggles and encouraging fans to stay positive. A source says, "Amanda's videos are a hit, and fans appreciate her candid and heartfelt advice."

Page Six says Kim Kardashian recently showed off her new Tesla Cybertruck. She is using it for school runs with her kids. The truck ranges in price from $57,390 to $96,390. Kim's car collection includes a Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce. 

Breakfast Survey 

A new survey by Alpro reveals that 18% of people never stray from their routine breakfast. Other findings:

- 14% of people want to be more adventurous with their morning flavors

- 13% of people say breakfast is the best meal of the day

Top 7 Secrets To Staying Young ... According to a new article by Best Life Magazine  

1. Sip electrolytes in the morning

2. Drink green tea throughout the day

3. Try a healthy aging shake for breakfast

4. Use resistance bands for exercise

5. Eat lots of good fats

6. Include cruciferous vegetables in your diet

7. Consider exercise a "drug"

Small Talk Survey

A new survey by Small Talk Saves Lives reveals that 50% of adults avoid engaging in small talk with others.  94% of people do not have a go-to question to start small talk

Top 10 Best Cities For Pizza ... According to a new survey by Clever Real Estate  … Based on number of pizzerias, Yelp ratings, pizza prices and pizza reputation 

1. Denver, CO

2. Buffalo, NY

3. Boston, MA

4. Philadelphia, PA

5. San Diego, CA

6. San Francisco, CA

7. Hartford, CT

8. Washington, DC

9. Detroit, MI

10. Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Fonseca

I work for a very well known privately owned company in the area. If I mention the name you will instantly know it. I'm in a bind at work. My boss' wife called me the other day and asked me to start spying on him because she believes he may be cheating. I told her I would think about it. I'm petrified and don't know what to do. If my boss catches me, I will be fired. If I don't do it, she will most likely start putting things in his head about me and I'll be fired then. Does he or she have more control in this situation? I make great money and want to keep my job. What should I do? Accept the proposal or not? 

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