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Fonseca Show (Aaron Fonseca Found trending) 04/13/23


- The Los Angeles Times newspaper says another Sriracha shortage is occurring. Huy Fong Foods Inc says the shortage is due to a lack of raw materials to make the hot sauce. The company needs 50,000 tons of chilies each year to produce Sriracha.

- ABC says Prince Harry is going to attend King Charles' coronation on May 6th.Meghan Markle and their two children will not attend.

- The Verse says LinkedIn is offering free verified badges that allow members to prove where they work. People can get the badges by registering company-issued email addresses.

- The Richest says the engagement ring Jake Bon Jovi proposed to Millie Bobby Brown with is worth $300,000. The cushion cut four-carat diamond is set in a halo on a polished band

- KTLA says Disneyland is going to close Splash Mountain on May 30th. Disney plans to revamp the ride

- The Verge says HBO Max has changed their name to Max and is planning a new Harry Potter series that will be 10 years long. The show will have a new cast of characters. Harry Potter author JK Rowling is producing the series

- Female First says HBO is developing a new Game of Thrones prequel series written by George RR Martin. The series will be set 100 years before the events of the original Game of Thrones series

- The NY Post says Pete Davidson is going to host ''Saturday Night Live'' on May 6th

- Warner Brothers Television has announced that they are working on a spinoff for 'The Big Bang Theory'. The series will air on Max. No details on the series have been announced yet.

- KUSA says the Denver police are looking for a man, who recently assaulted the Colorado Rockies mascot, Dinger. Dinger was dancing on top of the Rockies dugout when a fan tackled him. Dinger sprang back up and continued dancing.


Miley Cyrus tells US Weekly magazine that she's glad she's had her father's help during her career. "It's been really good to have my dad go before me, it's kinda the buddy system. I think it would have been really scary if I hadn't had his example."

The Weeknd tells Variety magazine that he would have loved to have starred in classic Warner Brothers cartoons. “I wish I could have worked with legendary Warner Bros. voice actor Mel Blanc. That would have been a dream — getting to play alongside him as Bugs Bunny would have been surreal.”

The Kid LAROI tells The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper that he doesn't plan on changing who he is. “The biggest thing for me is that I don’t bend or break myself to try and fit a certain persona. You can never please everyone. I just want to show people me, and they either take it or leave it.”

The Daily Mail says Harry Styles and his ex, Olivia Wilde, were spotted leaving the same Los Angeles gym yesterday just minutes apart. The couple refused to answer questions from the paparazzi.

Meghan Trainor tells that having 'Mom Brain' is the worst. “I sometimes get what I call 'Mom Brain'. I get worried when I don't hear Riley for a few minutes. I worry he's hurt or getting into trouble, so I run to see what he's doing and there he is, just quietly playing by himself. I know it's a good instinct to have, but I have to tell myself I don't have to check on him every few seconds if he's being quiet.”

Seriously OMG says Lizzo is a Nickelback fan. She posted a video and said, “I feel like Nickelback gets way too much ****” Nickelback responded; “Thank you @lizzo for the kind words! Open invite any show any time.. maybe see you in Houston this Summer? ”

Timbaland tells Variety magazine that he and Justin Timberlake have finished Justin's new album. "Everything sounds great. Now it’s really on him how and when he envisions it to come out, but it’s done and it’s coming. It’s fun Justin — it’s like FutureSex/LoveSounds but nothing too heavy, just giving you what you expect from us."

Jeremy Renner tells the NY Post that his mother wants to burn the snow plow that ran him over. “It’s a snowcat, and it’s a necessity on the property because we got so much snow up there. My mom wants to light it on fire and have a big old party lighting it on fire, but the thing is amazing, and I love it. It’s a necessity. I just gotta learn to drive it better.''

The Daily Mail says Taylor Swift's fans continue to destroy Nick Cannon for saying he wants to have his 13th child with her.

Swifties react ...

'nick cannon needs to leave Taylor swift alone and schedule a neutering';

'It’s troubling that both Nick Cannon and Kanye West have publicly implied sex with Taylor Swift and her consent is not part of the conversation and no one has called them on it';

''This Nick Cannon/Taylor Swift is really really gross.'; To say he’d be open to having a CHILD. Bro, she didn’t even say she wanted one, let alone with you.''

'“He’s open to having his 13th child with Taylor Swift” As if he is the only person with a say in the matter and as if she is available to him.''

''Nick Cannon is beyond gross', the fact he only see women as objects to bear his children is very weird behavior''

WHDH says Mark Wahlberg shocked shoppers earlier this week when he started bagging groceries at a Quincy, Massachusetts grocery store. Mark stopped into the store to make sure his new tequila was on shelves. He said, “Right here, this is where the whole hustle started. In 1998, I was working at this Stop & Shop, I was bagging groceries, $3.65 an hour.”

Inside Sport says pro wrestler Rey Mysterio is not dating Jennifer Aniston. Rey says the rumors started in the 90s. The website says Jennifer once said, “What is the most outrageous thing the tabloids have printed about me? Well… they said I was dating this masked wrestler named The Phantom and that no one knew who he was because he wore the mask. I never met a wrestler in my life.”

Jeremy Piven tells E! News that he wants to do an Entourage reboot featuring his character Ari Gold. "I think there's so many different ways we could go with Ari. How would he navigate this climate? It would be fun to investigate where all these people would be today. There's been so much that has happened since then that it'd be a very fertile ground to explore."

The NY Post says King Charles is hiring someone to answer his fan mail. A Buckingham Palace job posting states that the new employee will earn $28,700 a year plus benefits. They will be required to pen responses to the thousands of letters addressed to the Royal family each year.

The Daily Mail says Jamie Foxx was rushed to an Atlanta hospital after suffering a medical emergency. His daughter, Corrine, released a statement saying, ''We wanted to share that, my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday. Luckily, due to quick action and great care, he is already on his way to recovery. We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for privacy during this time.''

BSO, citing Media Takeout, says Larsa Pippen wants to marry Michael Jordan's son, Marcus. A source tells the news outlets, “Larsa said that when they get married she’s going to hyphenate her name, so that she’ll be Larsa Pippen-Jordan. She was joking about which name she would put first in the hyphenation, Pippen or Jordan.”

Weight Survey

A new survey by Slimming World reveals that 51% of people say inflation has made it harder for them to eat healthy. Other findings:

- 23% of people weigh more now than they did a year ago at this time

- 58% of people say inflation has contributed to their weight gain

- 31% of people prioritize the cost of food over how healthy it is

- 38% of people are comfort eating because of inflation

- 20% of people are drinking more alcohol because of inflation

Skincare Survey A new survey by CeraVe reveals that only 54% of men brush their teeth on a daily basis. Other findings:

- only 35% of men wash their face on a daily basis

- only 30% of men floss on a daily basis

- 50% of men would rather go on a bad date than go to a doctor's appointment (49%)

- men spend more time in the bathroom on their smartphone (19 minutes) than they do on skin care (17 minutes)

Small Dogs Live Longer Than Larger Ones

A new study published in the American Naturalist Journal reveals that smaller dogs live longer than larger ones due to selective breeding and cancer.

Researcher Jack Da Silva says, "Larger dogs didn't necessarily age faster than the smaller breeds, but the research did show that as the breed's average body weight increased, so did the rates of cancer. We believe the relationship between a dog's body size and their lifespan may be caused by an evolutionary lag in the body's cancer defenses, which are unable to keep up with the rapid and recent selective breeding of bigger dogs. Most of the 400 or so dog breeds we know today have only been established in the past 200 years. Larger dogs haven't had time to evolve better cancer defense mechanisms to match their size."

Dear Fonseca

My daughter raced home from school yesterday to tell me that she was asked to prom. I was so excited for her until I found out her date is a BAD BOY and complete loser. For some reason, she's attracted to guys like this. I talked to several other mothers, who say the young man is a troublemaker, a cheater, and will most likely cancel his prom date with my daughter before it even happens. I'm torn about what to do. Should I save my daughter from herself and tell her she can't go or roll the dice and see what happens? I would hate for her to have her heart broken.

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