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Fonseca Show (Aaron Fonseca found trending) 04/07/23


- Fox Business News says tonight's Mega Millions lottery jackpot is worth $414 million with a lump sum cash payout of $221 million.

- Delish magazine says Starbucks is selling a new Frappuccino called the Blue Raspberry Cloud. It is only available for 10 days and has blue raspberry flavoring, whipped cream and a crunchy, blue crystal topping

- A new survey by the Pew Research Center reveals that 50% of people support banning Tik Tok

- CBS says Emmett, Idaho's Valor Health Hospital is going to stop delivering babies on June 1st because of a doctor shortage. The hospital says it's hard to recruit doctors and nurses to work in a rural area.

- KOCO says an earthquake, measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale, rocked Kearney, Oklahoma and surrounding areas yesterday.

- ESPN says Bodytech Supplements is celebrating Easter with two Peeps-flavored protein powders. The Whey protein comes in marshmallow and chocolate marshmallow and is available at The Vitamin Shoppe

- The Sun says Bulgaria's Sunny Beach has become the world's hottest vacation spot. It resembles one large giant Spring Break party where Jello shots, containing ground up Viagra, are served all day long.


People Getting Sick From Starbucks Olive Oil Drinks: NBC says people are getting sick after downing Starbucks' new olive oil-infused drinks. Starbucks is not commenting.

The Internet reacts ...

''Half the team tried it yesterday and a few ended up... Needing to use the restroom, if ya know what I mean.. I’m honestly scared to try it because I already have stomach/bowel problems.”

“Caffeine is a stimulant for your bowels and oil a relaxant. So yeah wonderful idea by Starbucks.”

“Person with stomach / bowel problems thanking you for the heads up”

“I’ve tried them , and tbh after drinking them honestly they just felt sick to my stomach lowkey”

“Like i had no appetite at all after that and that was the only thing i’ve had in the whole day.”

“The cold brew is fine until you taste the foam because it’s two pumps of olive oil. like- the foam is green. Worst of all was the latte for me. you’re immediately hit with just olive oil and i wanted to throw up after yeah i do not recommend.”

“The oleato at Starbucks is a legit laxative”

Kim Petras tells that Madonna is like a mother to her. “Madonna and her music really changed my life and made me feel like some got it. She was a trailblazer. She’s mother. She's one of the reasons I started writing music in the first place."

The Daily Mail says Ed Sheeran looks 10 years younger because he has shaved off his beard. The paparazzi caught him walking in London with a clean shaven face

Forbes Magazine says Taylor Swift could earn between $500 million and $1.5 billion from her Era's Tour. One concert promoter says the 52 date tour will earn $620 million with Taylor keeping $500 million. That number could jump higher with rising ticket prices

Meghan Trainor tells Parade magazine that she would love to act with her husband. “I would cry to be able to work with my husband. He was there on set with me at "How I Met Your Father" and was holding my script and my water and was like, ‘You're killing it, Babe!’ He was like my acting coach, so, yeah, that would be a dream.

The Weeknd tells that he loves cars. "I've been collecting luxury cars. I've got a Lamborghini Aventador, a McLaren P1, and a Mercedes-AMG GT. I don't just buy them and let them sit in my garage. No, I have to drive those babies. I don't get people who buy things and then don't use them. Why buy something if you're not gonna use it? Cars were made to be driven!"

TMZ says the Highland Park, Illinois police recently arrested an 18 year old for breaking into Michael Jordan's $15 million Highland Park mansion. Neighbors called the police in the middle of the afternoon. Raiden Hagedorn was inside the home when cops arrived. He was charged with criminal trespassing and criminal damage. Michael is selling the home for $14.8 million

WLKY says Tom Hanks recently sent an autographed typewriter to the Cambridge Typewriter Company in Massachusetts.

Company owner Tom Furrier had no idea, who sent the large FedEx package until he read a note from Tom that read: "I am presenting you with this typewriter ... to do with as you please. Service it, keep as is, repair and keep or sell. Display or use. On one hand you are taking off my shelves and out in the greater world. On the other hand, you are giving me more space and less clutter. On the third hand (?) you just may be giving this miracle of a machine a fuller, newer life of use. I do hope this typewriter comes into use. It is yours now. Take good care of it and help it keep doing its job for another hundred years."

Furrier Facebooked, "I'm very happy Tom included us in his plan to whittle down his typewriter inventory. I'll have fun restoring this beauty back to its former glory and figure out what I'm going to do with it. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you Tom Hanks!!!"

The NY Post says Jennifer Lopez's fans ripped her yesterday for launching a new alcohol brand. They say it's a money grab because she does not drink.

The Internet reacts ...

“Why not create a NA brand considering you’ve been outspoken about the negative effects of alcohol and that you yourself don’t drink? This feels so off-brand for you, genuinely curious why you’re selling alcohol.”

“Jlo you don’t drink. This is like something that is known and has been pointed out on numerous occasions. I mean….I get it- a coin is a coin- but mama you don’t drink alcohol.”

“She doesn’t even drink but get that bag girl”

But you literally don’t drink? This is such a money grab ugh.”

GEO TV and Closer magazine claim Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock are allegedly trying to help Jennifer Aniston find a boyfriend. A source tells the news outlets, “Jen has high hopes that her run of bad luck in love is just a temporary thing. It’s a sign of the times that it takes a whole lot more time and selectiveness to find a partner in Hollywood these days. Jen and Demi are trading ideas on eligible guys, mae pals in their shared social circle, as well as dinner parties and functions they can hit up together. It’s a fun process and they’re excited to be in it together,” the source said before adding that the actor is also open to join dating apps in her quest to find herself a partner. Jen’s talking about finally signing up to a dating app,” the source revealed. “She knows what type of man she wants and feels confident that having her dating squad will help her and give her the boost she needs.”

People magazine says Brad Pitt let a 105-year-old neighbor live rent free on the grounds of his $40 million Los Angeles estate. Brad just sold the home. Elvira owned the house before Brad and says, "He was very, very kind to the husband. His wife passed away and the husband, John, lived there. I know that Brad allowed him to live there without paying anything until he died. It was kind of funny because John lived to be 105. John just kept living forever. I imagine Brad was thinking well, you know, he can live there till he dies, which might be any minute now."

Mashed magazine says a pop-up Malibu Barbie Cafe is being opened in New York and Chicago to celebrate the release of the new live action Barbie movie. The cafe will have a brunch style menu with food, drinks and dessert. It will resemble the Malibu Barbie beach house. Tickets just to eat at the pop-up cost $50 for adults and $35 for children. The pop-up will open in New York on May 17th and in Chicago on June 7th

Jack Black tells People magazine that his teenage sons no longer think he is cool. "Like some of the stuff I do, for the most part, they're teenagers like any teenager: They want to get as far away from me as possible."

ABC says William H Macy is being sued for $600,000 by his neighbor, Pierce Brown. Pierce says Macy hired workers to take down trees on his property not his.Macy says the tree removal was an accident.

The Daily Mail says Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Joseph Baena, is going to star in a new movie with Luke Hemsworth and Morgan Freeman. He is going to play a rookie deputy named Wally. The film is titled ''Gunner'' and is about a Special Forces veteran, who runs into drug runners during a camping trip with his two sons.

Clutter Survey

A new survey by Olio reveals that 23% of people have considered breaking up with their partner because of how messy they are. Other findings:

- 40% of people blame their partner for the clutter in their home

- 22% of people say their home is cluttered because of their children's belongings

- 36% of people are embarrassed for others to see their home on an average day

Top 10 Things Adults Miss About Being A Child … According to a new survey by Tropicana

  1. School holidays

  2. Waking up without a care in the world e.g. no worries about the day ahead

  3. No life admin

  4. Being cooked for

  5. Being looked after when unwell

  6. Waking up on birthday mornings feeling excited

  7. Spending a lot of time outdoors

  8. Playing in the park

  9. Getting pocket money

  10. Seeing friends everyday at school

The Most Iconic Fatty Foods Dieters Find The Most Difficult To Give Up .. According to a new survey by Feastgood

1 Ice Cream

2 Kentucky: Fried Chicken

3 Philly Cheesesteak

4 Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 Deep-dish Pizza

6 Barbecued Ribs

7 Chicken Fried Steak

8 Alaskan Ice Cream

9 Deep-fried Cheese Curds

10 Hot Chicken

Dear Fonseca

My immediate supervisor pulled an Easter prank that now has everyone in trouble. Our company put out Easter candy for our guests. My boss tossed some chocolate laxatives into the candy bowl. Several clients ate the chocolate laxatives and got the runs. My co-worker is being blamed for the prank. She had nothing to do with it. I'm the only one who knows what my boss did. I feel terrible that my co-worker may get fired for a prank she had nothing to do with. My immediate supervisor is a producer so he wouldn't get fired even if I busted him. My 'heart' is telling me to say something while my 'head' is telling me to stay silent. What should I do?

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