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Fonseca Show ( Aaron Fonseca Found Trending) 04/06/23


- Chat GPT says it could replace 4.8 million American jobs with no trouble. Top jobs the artificial intelligence could replace ... customer service representatives, technical writers, translators and interpreters, copywriters, and data entry clerks.

- People magazine says contrary to published reports, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Brady are not dating. Their reps say they have never even met.

- Vulture magazine says Lizzo and Jack Black guest star on this week's episode of "The Mandalorian." Lizzo learns to get along with Grogu.

- The Irish Mirror newspaper says Hugh Jackman has tested negative for skin cancer. He had two cells removed from his nose earlier in the week.

- TMZ says Aaron Rodgers was recently spotted at Topanga Rocks in Topanga, California. He was shopping in the healing crystals section.

- NBC says one of Babe Ruth's bats was recently auctioned off for $1.85 million.It's the most expensive bat ever sold and beats the old record of $1.68 million. The bat was used during the 1920s

- WPMT says Starbucks is going to start selling their Pink Drink in stores next week. The drink has strawberry, acai, coconut milk and fruit juice. It has been around at Starbucks cafes since 2017

- A new survey by The Vacationer reveals that 85% of Americans plan to vacation this Summer. 62% plan to travel domestically


Subway Creates Cadbury Cream Egg Sandwich For Easter: The Daily Mail says Subway is celebrating Easter with a limited edition Cadbury Cream Egg sandwich. The six-inch sandwich will be available for free on Friday. It features melted Cadbury Creme eggs on Italian white bread.

Subway says, 'We're delighted to have collaborated with Cadbury this Easter. Our Italian White Bread and Cadbury Creme Eggs make the most flavorsome combination, a perfect seasonal treat. All the team at Subway are especially excited to see how those Subway fans with a sweet tooth respond to this delicious SubMelt.'

Only four of the chain's restaurants are serving the sandwich.

The Daily Mail says Adele will be James Corden's final "Carpool Karaoke" guest.She reportedly filmed a secret appearance with James while driving around in a black Range Rover in Los Angeles. The filming comes amid reports that Adele may be releasing a surprise album in the next few weeks

Miley Cyrus tells that she is an open book. “There are no secrets to uncover in my life. If you want to know something about me, just ask and I'll probably tell you. I’ve learned from every experience in my life, and most of them have been public. I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be, it’s boring. But everything I've done has shaped me into the person I am today. And because of that I wouldn't change a thing I've done."

Bebe Rexha tells Woman's Health magazine that women don't need to hide their issues. "Growing up, I thought the bad feelings I was having were shameful. So I locked them away. That was the worst thing I could have done. When I finally shared what was going on with me, I felt so much love and support. If you're having issues, don't hide them inside. Let them out. Let other people help you shoulder the burden. "

Lady Gaga tells that she becomes the role she's portraying when she's in a movie. “I am such a conceptual artist, and I really inhabit my creations, it is almost entirely impossible for me to imagine being an actor in any other way than this. I’m inside of a world, and it’s like altering your reality in order to get to at the truth.”

Metro Boomin tells that his signature bandana look was inspired by Tupac Shakur. “Growing up we were big on Tupac. We was real big on Tupac in my house. So it’s my influence from that. ne day I was just [messing] around, tied it to the front, and took a picture. For real when I started wearing it, it just happened. Then I started to put it to the side and figure out how to make it mine.”

LAD Bible says people are making fun of Ryan Gosling after seeing the trailer for his new live action Barbie movie. He plays Ken and has short blonde hair. People are comparing him to Ellen

The Internet reacts ...

"Y’all gonna jump me if I say Ryan Gosling kinda look like Ellen in that Barbie trailer ? cause if so I DIDNT SAY THAT!," "Ryan Gosling looks like ELLEN I can’t breathe he literally looks like this I’m gonna puke''

"'Is that Ellen?"

The Daily Mail says Olivia Wilde is allegedly accusing her ex, Jason Sudeikis, of not paying child support.

She wrote the following letter to her divorce judge, ''Jason is not currently paying child support to me, despite my requests through counsel that we agree upon an interim support amount to avoid further litigation in this matter. While Jason and I have been splitting certain expenses for the children, such as their school tuition, I have been bearing 100% of the costs of the children’s care when they are with me, including, but not limited to, their food, clothing, childcare, extracurricular activities, and transportation costs. I am asking the Court to make an order regarding child support so that I can adequately provide for our children commensurate with Jason’s standard of living.''

The Blast claims Britney Spears' manager, Cade Hudson, recently held a career intervention for her in Mexico. A source tells the website, ''Cade wants to see Britney get back to what she loves to do and thinks that channeling her creative energy into new music will help her “get back to herself. Cade wants to see Britney get back to doing what she loves to do, as she is a talented artist. He knows that she is still passionate about this. ’He wanted to have a career intervention and, at the same time, really help her to get back to herself. He told her she cannot throw in the towel yet and he has reminded her of who she really is. ’Their time together has been super special and relaxing and has been eye-opening for her, to say the least. Cade is one of the only people in the world that Britney trusts.”

TMZ says Tori Spelling is wearing an eye patch because she has an ulcer on her eye. She says, "I developed an ulcer under my left eye because I left my contact lenses in while I was sleeping. That's what I get for being lazy!"

The Daily Mail says Adele will be James Corden's final "Carpool Karaoke" guest.She reportedly filmed a secret appearance with James while driving around in a black Range Rover in Los Angeles. The filming comes amid reports that Adele may be releasing a surprise album in the next few weeks

Jennifer Aniston says she bought a lemon with her first paycheck from "Friends".Koi Moi quotes her as saying, My first big splurge was on a Mercedes that had a for sale sign on it for almost two years. I was always like, ‘I can’t wait. Someday. I bought it. And then I drove it. And then I drove it again, and it never drove again. It was a lemon. I didn’t know any better to get it checked out. That was just a nice 25-year-old mistake.''

TMZ says Pete Davidson's stalker has been declared unfit to stand trial. Michelle Mootready has been sent to a psychiatric hospital. The Staten Island District Attorney tells TMZ, "Ms. [Michelle] Mootreddy is unfit to stand trial. She has been placed in the custody of a psychiatric facility where she will receive treatment and regular evaluations to determine whether or not she is able to return and participate in her defense." In 2021, Michelle claimed she and Pete got married. She also broke into his Staten Island home

Cheating Survey

A new survey by the dating site Illicit Encounters reveals that 52% of male cheaters have big noses. Other findings:

- 18% of male cheaters have small noses

- 10% of male cheaters have had an affair with a woman, who had a large nose

How Much Money People Have In Their Bank Accounts ... According to a new survey by Go Banking Rates

$500 or less:

26% of young Gen Z

24% of older Gen Z / young millennials

17% of older millennials

$100 or less:

34% of young Gen Z

40% of older Gen Z / young millennials

36% of older millennials

Top 10 Most Annoying Types Of Household Messes … According to a new survey by Olio

  1. Piles of random items left sitting around

  2. Dirty plates stacked up

  3. Wet towels left lying around

  4. Used tissues not chucked away

  5. Used breakfast bowls left lying around

  6. Drinking glasses left in the living room from the night before

  7. Worn clothes left in the bathroom

  8. Empty crisp packets lying around

  9. Socks left here, there and everywhere

  10. Old cups left to go mouldy

Dear Fonseca

My new boyfriend and I may not make it till the end of the month. Heck, we might not make it till the end of the weekend. We were sitting on the couch on Tuesday night when he refused to kiss me because my dog kissed me on the lips. He said that's gross and demanded that I brush my teeth and swish with Listerine. He says he doesn't want to be kissing certain body parts of a dog. I told him my dog is family. I refused to brush. The issue is silly, but driving a wedge between us. He says my dog is unhygienic. I told him I'm not going to brush and swish every time my dog wants to kiss me when he's around. My sister agrees with my boyfriend. Should I have to brush and swish or should he just deal with it?

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