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Fonseca Show (Aaron Fonseca Found Trending) 04/04/23


- UConn won the NCAA tournament last night by beating San Diego State 76 - 59

- The USA Today newspaper says a train, carrying Coors Light and Blue Moon beer, recently derailed in Montana. Twenty five train cars were involved in the crash. The beer spilled into a local river. No one was injured. No word on how much beer was lost

- Fox Business News says gas prices could soar again and hit an average of $4 a gallon because OPEC is cutting production. AAA says the average price for a gallon of gas is now $3.50. AAA expects gas prices to rise between 10 and 15 cents ahead of the Summer driving season

- The Daily Mail says Build-A-Bear is now offering a new RuPaul Drag Queen bear. It sells for $64 and has blonde hair, a gold sequin dress and gold heels.

- Rare News says Shemar Moore is returning to ''The Young and the Restless'' on Monday, May 8th for a special appearance. The show is celebrating its 50th anniversary

- Deadline Hollywood says Warner Brothers is in talks with Michael Mann about making "Heat 2". Adam Driver is in talks to play a young Al Pacino in the film. ''Elvis'' star Austin Butler is rumored to be playing a young Val Kilmer

- Uproxx claims HBO Max is working on a Harry Potter reboot. The reboot would be a series. Harry Potter author JK Rowling is involved in the series.


Radar Online claims Adele is allegedly going to make her fiance, Rich Paul, sign a prenup agreement before they get married. A source tells the website, "Adele has a few trust issues, which is normal for her, but bringing up a marital contract caused some friction between them. She believes in love, and she says talking about anything to do with money is a sure-fire romance killer. She was right. Her pals convinced her that the smart thing to do is to get an ironclad prenup.''

Kim Petras tells Billboard magazine that her dream is to collaborate with Madonna. “Her music helped me get through so many rough patches in my life. Her music means so much to me. Collabing with her would be a dream. I would love to have Madonna on anything, or be on anything Madonna.

Miley Cyrus tells that her father doesn't understand technology.“My dad sends me pictures all the time. And they're labeled like "Picture 1" or "Flower". I tell him you don't have to label every picture you take. Just send them to me. I'll see what they are! He's a good guy, but these new telephones confuse him I think.”

Lady Gaga tells Rolling Stone magazine that she's always reinventing herself."You have to keep bringing something new to the table. You've gotta constantly reinvent yourself. Like, keep your core the same, but change the wrapping. Do something to make people notice you and go "Whoah"."

The Kid LAROI tells Billboard magazine that he realizes now he didn't know anything when he was 15 years old. “For me, I think I look at taking off so young as a big blessing. It’s also a bit of a curse. I signed my record deal with Columbia when I was 15 … at 15, you don’t know anything. You really don’t. You’re like a literal child, even if you don’t understand that at the time. I’m about to be 20 this year, and I look back at 15, and I feel like I was a literal child and a baby.”

Female First says Freddie Mercury's leather hot pants are being auctioned off.They are expected to sell for as much as $15,000. The pants will be auctioned off on April 25th. Freddie first wore the skin-tight pants in December 1980 in order to shock Queen's fans

The Robb Report says John Travolta's three-piece suit from his 1970s movie ''Saturday Night Fever'' is going to be auctioned off. The white suit could sell for as much as $200,000. A black shirt, like Travolta wears, is also being included

The NY Post says equestrian moms in South Florida want to meet Tom Brady. A source says he was recently checking out stables in Wellington and Davie, Florida. “His daughter has been riding at a real dump of a barn… He is ready to up his game. It’s the buzz of equestrian moms that they are going to get to watch Brady ringside. Bill Gates isn’t really cutting it.”

Chris Hemsworth tells Vanity Fair magazine that he plans to do less acting because he is at high risk of having Alzheimer's disease later in life. A source tells the magazine that Chris is going to play Thor again, Hulk Hogan and two other characters before slowing down. “He doesn’t plan to take on many roles because of [learning about his high risk for] Alzheimer’s.” Chris found out he was at high risk for Alzheimer's while filming his National Geographic and Disney+ docuseries, “Limitless”.

Ron Howard tells interviewer Graham Bensinger that he once considered directing an adult film for his directorial debut. “Well, it’s true that it went through my mind. It endured as a serious idea for probably about two-and-a-half to three seconds. The entire time that I was under contract and doing ‘Happy Days,’ my dream was to be a filmmaker. I felt like the clock was kind of ticking on me. I had lost patience with not being able to devote, you know, all of my energies to making that transition and giving that it’s chance.”

Angelina Jolie says Denzel Washington is the best on-screen lover she's ever had. They had a steamy scene in their 1999 movie ''The Bone Collector''. Angelina is quoted by Giant Freakin Robot as saying, “The best sex I ever had was in this movie – It was great seducing someone with your mind, a huge turn-on”

Epic Stream and the National Enquirer claim Brad Pitt recently took his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, to Paris. A source tells the news outlets, “Brad made the trip so special Ines has been telling people she feels like a real-life princess. They took moonlit walks along the River Seine, enjoyed intimate dates in quirky bistros and enjoyed tours of the city’s museums and architectural landmarks. Ines is all in. They’re both really basking in the honeymoon period. They’re open to having a baby together. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Ines came back from Paris and announces she’s pregnant.”

The Daily Star says Simon Cowell wants to help Britney Spears make a musical comeback. He tells the newspaper, ''We worked together on X-Factor and I would work with her again, honest, in a heartbeat because she’s smart. If you’re known by your first name, you’re a star. You know, the more we talk about it, it’s kind of like, yeah, we should do it ... totally encouraged.”


Cake - 39%

Chocolate - 39%

Video games - 39%

Coffee - 38%

Pizza - 37%

Social media - 36%

Streaming service - 35%

A portion of my salary - 31%

Smartphone - 31%

Top 10 Things Keeping People Up At Night .. According to a new survey by Furniture Village

  1. Too hot

  2. General stress

  3. A blocked nose

  4. Too cold

  5. Work worries

  6. Partner snoring

  7. A bad tummy

  8. Worrying about personal finances

  9. Being in an unusual location

  10. Worrying about the cost of living crisis

First Impressions Survey

A new survey by Listerine reveals that the average person makes a first impression about someone else within 27 seconds of meeting them. Other findings:

- 33% of people make a first impression about someone else in under 10 seconds

- Top things that make a good impression ... a friendly smile (51%) followed by good manners (43%), eye contact (35%), arriving on time (29%), being conversational (23%) and dressing smartly (15%).


Dear Fonseca,

My fiance has an important black tie work event this weekend. He's invited me to go. He stunned me last night when he asked if I would cover up my tattoos. I thought he was joking at first, but he says his co-workers may frown upon them. He says we have to uphold a certain image. This led to an argument. I told him that I won't cover my tats because they are a part of me and he should accept me for me. If he can't, we have a problem. He says he does accept me for who I am, but it's others who may have a problem. I told my sister about what he said and she thinks he has a point. Should I cover my tats or not? I don't think my fiance should care what others think. He is either proud to be with me or not.

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