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Fonseca Show (Aaron Fonseca) 09/27/23

Today's Best of Calls:


- Outkick magazine says the Chief- Bears game had huge ratings on Sunday because Taylor Swift was there as a guest of Travis Kelce’s. 24.3 million people watched the game. Viewership among women, ages 12 to 17, was up 8% from the week before

- BroBible says University of Colorado football coach Deion Sanders recently filed for several more new trademarks. The new trademarks are 'Ain't Nobody Care,' 'We Keep Receipts,' 'Pitbull in Pumps,' and 'Working or Twerking.' They will be used for clothing, home goods, and furniture

- Just Jared says Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren, are expecting their third child. They recently announced the news on Instagram. Baby number three will arrive in March of 2024.The couple already has a son and a daughter.

- Beverage Industry magazine says Angry Orchard is celebrating Halloween with its largest bottle of hard cider ever. They are selling a limited edition 6-liter King Size bottle of Angry Orchard Crisp Apple hard cider. The liter was inspired by King Size candy bars. The bottle costs $200 and is available while supplies last


New Exercise Pill May Help People Lose Weight: Study Finds says researchers from the University of Florida have developed a new pill that promotes weight loss. The compound, called SLU-PP-332, tricks muscles into thinking they have been working out. This boosts metabolism and melts fat. The drug was tested on obese mice. It helped them lose weight and increased their endurance without any physical activity. Researchers believe the compound could someday treat obesity, diabetes, and age-related muscle loss.

Gas Prices Hit $7 In California: Newsweek Magazine says gas prices recently rose to over $7 per gallon in California. The national average price for a regular gallon of gas is $3.83. California has the highest average at $5.84 per gallon. Gas in Los Angeles is selling for $7.39 a gallon

Danielle Jonas recently pranked her husband, Kevin Jonas, while on tour. She threw ice in his shower and shared the video online.

Taylor Swift tells Billboard magazine that the sea can be a scary place. "There's so much stuff living in there. Some of it's gross and dangerous. Like sea urchins. Have you seen these things? You step on one of them and it's game over. You could lose your hand, you could lose your foot. You could lose your hand getting it off your foot! I don’t like sea urchins.”

Olivia Rodrigo tells Interview Magazine that adjusting to normal life after being on tour can be hard. "Post-tour blues are so real. You’re like, 'Someone’s not telling me where to go every second of every day? What do I fill my time with?' I get absolutely freaked out by the idea of having to make any choice about my life."

Adele tells PEOPLE magazine that she's witnessed wild behavior at her Las Vegas shows. "So many people had to leave the show because they were acting so wild. They were being disruptive and stuff. It was absolutely crazy. There was one lady at the front whose boob kept falling out. She must've been sunbathing until late because she came in basically in a bikini and a cover. She was sitting in the front row and very drunk. But it's like she thought no one could see and every time she went over to get more tequila, her boob would fall out.

Chris Kirkpatrick tells Hot Ones that *NSYNC never had the same onstage problems as One Direction because they knew their individual strengths and roles in the group. "One Direction's an amazing band but you have five guys that are amazing singers and great soloists. So when they come out and do songs, it’s like you fight over, ‘Where is this gonna be?’ We kind of knew we sucked at singing certain things, so we just fell into our spots and we knew our place. I knew I’d do the high stuff, these guys [Justin and JC], would do the leads, Joey would be in the middle and Lance would be the bass. It was a lot easier since we started with a sound rather than five amazing vocalists. I mean not to say we’re not, but I just did."

The New York Post says Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry, is calling him a "cheater" and warning Taylor Swift to be careful. Benberry dated Kelce in 2016 after winning his dating show "Catching Kelce." She says, “Taylor seems like such a fun girl with a beautiful spirit, so I wish her the best of luck, but I wouldn’t be a girls’ girl if I didn’t advise her to be smart! I’m sure by now she has mastered the ability to see who is really there for her — and who is just using her. Like the saying always goes: Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Page Six says Benberry recently "liked" a comment on Instagram that called Taylor a "5." A source tells Ace Showbiz "Maya and Travis haven't spoken in about five years. The interview is a poor excuse of someone trying to get her 15 min of fame."

Page Six says Usher plans to bring pole dancers to the Super Bowl halftime show. The dancers will be dressed tastefully because he knows young fans will be watching. A source tells the newspaper, "Usher plans on having pole dancers dressed in a tasteful manner and dancers on roller skates. He just wants to set himself apart and make history as one of the greatest performers to hit the world stage. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Dr. Dre, Prince and Michael Jackson have all made memorable moments and now that Usher is taking the stage he wants to do something different, unforgettable and over-the-top.”

TMZ says the recent "Barbie" movie has sparked a trend of adults buying Barbie dolls for emotional support. People are sharing videos on TikTok of their new dolls. They say Barbie is helping them reconnect with their childhood and improving their mental health.

Page Six says Britney Spears recently danced with knives in a video. She later said the knives were not real. Her dogs appeared scared and ran. A source in a TMZ documentary claims Britney has a fascination with knives and lives in fear of being taken to a psych ward. The Sun says Britney was recently seen with bandages and cuts after sharing the video of herself dancing with knives. Concerned fans noticed the injuries on her wrist, thigh, and lower back.

Geo TV says Britney Spears' mom, Lynne Spears, has allegedly returned to teaching due to money troubles. The 68 year-old has taken a part-time teaching job at a Kentwood, Louisiana school. A source says, "She is struggling to pay her bills, but she has already substituted for several classes."

Ace Showbiz says Jada Pinkett Smith recently celebrated Will Smith's 55th birthday with an online tribute. Some people accused her of embarrassing her husband by calling him by his real name "Willard."

The Internet reacts …

"She always gotta find a way to embarrass Will cause she did not have to start with Willard."

"She just be embarrassing him bc why you gone call that man Willard when you know we don't know that name."

"We didn't need to know his government name jada never stops embarrassing this man."

US Weekly says Kevin Costner and his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, still love each other. They are now on speaking terms and want to be friends for their children's sake. They have no plans to reconcile. A source tells the magazine, "Kevin will always love his ex-wife and it was important to him that she and the kids were taken care of."

The New York Post says Cher allegedly hired men to kidnap her son, Elijah Blue Allman, from a hotel in New York. Elijah was trying to save his marriage to Marieangela King when the men took him away. A source tells the newspaper, "He looked strung-out and messy, like he was a homeless person living on the streets." Marieangela is worried about Elijah's whereabouts and believes he is in a treatment facility.

Page Six says Shakira has been charged with tax fraud for a second time in Spain. The singer allegedly failed to pay $7.1 million in taxes on her 2018 income. The case is separate from another trial where Shakira is facing six counts of fraud for not paying $15.4 million in taxes.

Prenup Survey

A new survey by Axios reveals that 50% of adults support prenup agreements. That’s up from 42% last year. Other findings:

- 40% of all marriages end in divorce

- 20% of married couples have a prenuptial agreement

Top 5 Most Unwanted Gifts People Receive … According to a new article by The New York Post

  1. Bad romance novels

  2. Diet plan

  3. Car manual

  4. Soap on a string

  5. Children’s toys

  6. Cufflinks

  7. A tie

  8. Hankies

  9. Aftershave

  10. Movies you’ve already seen

UFO Survey

A new survey by the Daily Mail reveals that 70% of Americans think the Biden administration is hiding information about UFOs. Other findings:

- 40% of people believe Earth has been visited by aliens in the past 50 years

- 41% of people would feel safer with Donald Trump as President if aliens attacked. 33% trust Joe Biden more

- 25% of people say extraterrestrials haven’t visited Earth in the last 50 years

Top Foods People Eat On Dates … According to a new survey by Farm Rich

Cookies - 48%

Ice cream or milkshake - 47%

Pizza - 46%

Cake - 46%

French fries - 40%

Wine and cheese - 39%

Cheese sticks - 37%

Sushi - 37%

Taco/burrito - 28%

Oysters - 24%

Tapas - 19%

Pasta - 18%

Foodie Survey

A new survey by Farm Rich reveals that 64% of people say food is their love language. Other findings:

- 70% of people have pretended to enjoy a meal they didn't like to avoid hurting someone's feelings

- 48% of people show their loved ones they care by regularly surprising them with their favorite foods

- 53% of people have bought or cooked a meal for someone to say "I Love You"

- 72% of people are usually honest about their partner's cooking skills.

- Only 53% of people rate their partner's culinary skills as "excellent" or "good"

Dear Fonseca,

I feel like Taylor Swift because of my relationship issue. I recently started dating Brian. I thought he was a great guy until his ex-girlfriend contacted me and warned me about the way he treated her and some of his other girlfriends. It wasn't pretty. I read yesterday that Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend is warning Taylor Swift about the same things I've been warned about. Should I listen to the warnings or form my own opinion? I've never been in a situation like this before. Who should I listen to and what should I do? Is Brian's ex-girlfriend credible? Should I confront him?

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