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Fonseca Show 11/22/22


- WBOY says the Sheetz gas station chain is celebrating the holidays by offering gas for $1.99 a gallon this week.The special promotion lasts through next Monday. Gas is currently selling for an average of $3.66 per gallon. Sheetz has 368 locations nationwide

- A new survey by reveals that 38% of people would dump someone if they did not get them an appropriate gift for the holidays. 35% of people say they've done it before

- Thrillist says Costco is celebrating the holidays by offering a four-pound pecan pie and a four-pound apple pie.The pecan pie has 8,480 calories and 66 grams of carbs per slice.The apple pie has 5,600 calories

- Gawker says someone has decorated Kanye West's Malibu beach house with a banner that reads: "Happy Hanukkah''. Kanye has lost over a billion dollars because of his anti-semitic comments

- Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton are going to host NBC's New Year's Eve special this year. Pete Davidson hosted last year with Miley. This year's show is going to originate from Miami

- The NY Post says Elvis and Priscilla Presley's Palm Springs, California honeymoon home has been sold for $5.6 million. The mid-century modern home has stone accents, a fireplace, a pool, four bedrooms and mountain views

- The NY Post says reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley have been sentenced to a total of 19 years in prison for fraud and tax evasion. Todd received 12 years while Julie received seven. The couple is accused of hiding their wealth

- Entertainment Tonight says Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas won Dancing With the Stars last night.


Thanksgiving Pizza: The Wall Street Journal says Macy's Place Pizzeria, in Buffalo, New York, is selling a Thanksgiving pizza. Owner Nick Argy tops his pie with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn and cranberry sauce. He says, “It’s just something about the holiday. Or maybe I’m a weird guy.”


Elton John's partner, David Furnish, tells Billboard magazine that he hopes Elton continues to perform after his farewell tour is done. “It’s really important to make a distinction between Elton retiring from touring but Elton not playing his very last public performance for the very last time. Will Elton return as a live performer? I hope so! It’s in his blood. I know for a fact he will not be touring in any capacity. What you’re going to see is the possibility of a special one-off or a small residency in one venue for a limited period of time. I don’t think it will be Las Vegas. Elton feels he’s done the best he can in Las Vegas. He mounted two hugely successful residencies there. When you’re an artist and something’s in your blood, you don’t want to shut the door completely."

NBC says Skittles is asking Harry Styles' fans not to throw their candy at him. They tweeted, "Didn’t think I needed to say this: Please don’t throw Skittles. PSA: Protect your eyes from Skittles (by eating them, not throwing them)." Harry was performing in concert last week when someone threw the candy on stage.

OneRepublic star Ryan Tedder tells GQ magazine that he loves to run. “I like running. I’ve never run more than 10 miles. I normally do a 10k or a 5k. I like running but I don’t like much else. I hate the idea of marathons. People are always amazed that I haven’t done a marathon because I’ve been running for 15 to 20 years, but I hate them. I have no desire to do a marathon. The idea of running that long seems ridiculous to me. I run purely for fitness, I’m not competitive. I’m competitive with everything else but not with running.”​

Bebe Rexha tells that she has two separate dream nights out. “I have two ideal nights. One ideal night is my phone being off, nobody talking to me, and maybe a glass of wine — or three — and a good movie to watch, or watching like The Great British Bake Off. And then I have a night that I want to go out and that would include vodka, and I need a good DJ, and I need a really good playlist. It doesn’t have to be at the club. It could be at my house, but I want people that I love there and people that I have fun with and a really good playlist and a bottle of vodka and I’m good to go.”

Consequence of Sound says Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx recently ripped Taylor Swift's marketing plan. He posted, ''Is it just me or does Taylor Swift always seems likes she’s whining about something new every-time she’s gonna drop an album? #WorIsMeMarketing''

Taylor's fans react ...

''is it just me or does motley crue seem more like a band full of washed up old men who should’ve retired decades ago and now u want to whine about probably the biggest artist in the modern day? LOL you are a JOKE''

''Wow!! As a fan of both you and Taylor I am disappointed in you. What a misogynistic, uninformed comment. And yea it’s just you!!!''

David Guetta tells Billboard magazine that the first thing he bought after becoming famous was a house. “I bought a house. It’s funny, because I didn’t grow up with money, and my entire life I was always scared to be poor. When I started making money, my obsession was to have a house in case something happened. If music didn’t work, I would have a place to sleep. I saved everything to buy an apartment in Paris.”​

The NY Post says Jay Leno was discharged from the hospital yesterday. He spent 10 days in a burn unit recovering from burns to his face, chest and hands. Jay suffered the burns after a gas line exploded on his vintage car.

HotNewHipHop says things are moving fast between Pete Davidson and super model Emily Ratajkowski. A source tells the website, “It’s still very new, but they have been in nonstop communication and she just went out with him to celebrate his birthday and wanted to make him feel special. It’s a chill relationship so far. There’s no pressure to make it exclusive, but she really likes him.”

Pop Culture magazine says Patrick Mahomes gifted Henry Winkler with a Chiefs jersey before the Chiefs-Chargers game on Sunday. The jersey read 'Winkler' on the back. The two hugged and agreed to go to dinner in the offseason. Henry said, "I think that I just met one of my heroes. He was so genuine. I think that he is exactly the same in life as he lives with the intensity on the field."

WGTC says author Stephen King has yet to get into the holiday spirit. He ranted yesterday on Twitter: “The political ads stopped just in time for the Christmas ads to start. The next time I hear ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ I’m gonna blow up my radio. If I hear "Holly Jolly Christmas" or "The Little Drummer Boy" one more time, I'm going to lose my ****.''

Woody Harrelson says he and Michael J. Fox once drank cobra blood together while in Thailand in 1989. The NY Post quotes him as saying, “He taunted a bunch of these cobras and then he found the orneriest cobra, grabbed it by the neck, threw it in a cage with mongoose, where I saw the craziest fight I’ve ever seen between any animals other than studio executives.And the mongoose won, they took the snake, yep, tied it by its tail, run the blood out, half-filled four glasses with cobra blood and half with Thai whiskey,” he continued, noting that “drinking the cobra blood is called ‘becoming brother to the snake.’”

Variety magazine says the producers of ''Indiana Jones 5'' have used de-aging special effects to make Harrison Ford look younger. Some say Harrison looks as young as he did at the end of the original Indiana Jones trilogy. ''Indiana Jones 5'' takes place in 1969

The movie will be released on June 30, 2023

The Robb Report says Mark Wahlberg's one-time Beverly Hills mansion is selling for $28.5 million. The home has a movie theater, a putting green, a pool, a grotto, a water slide, a gym, a wet bar, a fireplace, a fire pit and a boxing ring

Epicstream says a petition, demanding Disney bring back Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, is nearing 1 million signatures. Margot Robbie is reportedly going to star as the lead pirate in the next Pirates movie. Johnny was removed from the role because of his legal troubles with Amber Heard

5 Things That Worsen A Guest's Impression Of You ... According to a new survey by

1 cobwebs

2 stained upholstery

3 stained carpet

5 dying plants

5 no cushions on furniture

The Holidays Are Sleepless And Stressful A new survey by Serta Simmons Bedding reveals that the average person loses two and a half hours of sleep per day when preparing to have others in their home for the holidays. Other findings:

- 49% of people think spending four days or more at someone's house during the holidays is too much

- 25% of people are stressed about having holiday guests. 33% are excited

- 34% of people say the holidays are the most sleepless time of the year for them

Dear Fonseca

My wife got her hair cut and colored because we are going to a huge Thanksgiving dinner with our entire family. She came home and asked me if I liked her new style and color. I told her I did not. She went ballistic and started a fight. She says I'm a jerk and was acting insensitive. I disagree. I was just being honest which I think is better than lying in this case. She obviously doesn't think so. Should I have told the truth or lied? Which is the right thing to do?

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