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Fonseca Show 11/18/22


- A new survey by reveals that 20% of people are willing to pay $200 or more for a real Christmas tree.7% more people will buy a real tree this year compared to a year ago

- The National Retail Federation says 166.3 million people will holiday shop during Thanksgiving weekend. 59% of people say they are shopping next weekend because the deals are too good to pass up. 27% say they are shopping because it's a tradition

- TMZ says Ellen Pompeo is leaving 'Grey's Anatomy' after 19 seasons. . She says she is eternally grateful and humbled by the love and support she's received from the fans of the show. She says she is open to coming back to the show in a guest starring role.

- The NY Post says Heidi Klum suffered a wardrobe malfunction yesterday. She was posting a picture to Instagram in a white bodysuit when she popped out of her top.

- Chewboom says Stuffed Puffs marshmallows have a new flavor called Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The marshmallows are coated in the cereal and then filled with a cinnamon cream. They will be available at Walmart starting on November 26th

- WXIN says Tyson is recalling 90,000 pounds of raw ground beef because it may contain a mirror-like material.The meat is being sold under the brands HEB and Hill Country

- Chew Boom says Taco Bell is testing a new menu item in California called Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries. The fries are topped with grilled marinated steak, nacho cheese and a creamy chipotle sauce. Three types of cheese are then placed on top of the dish.


Taylor Swift Concert Tix Cost $42,000: ABC News says tickets to Taylor Swift's upcoming concert tour are selling for as much as $42,000. Fans are so desperate to see Taylor that they are paying the price on StubHub. Ticketmaster is still under fire for crashing when Taylor's tickets went on sale

Cost Of 12 Days of Xmas: PNC Bank says the cost of all of the items in the song The 12 Days of Christmas is $45,523.27. That's up 10.5% from last year and a new record high.

2022 costs below ...

A patridge in a pear tree: $280.18

Two turtle doves: $600.00

Three french hens: $318.00

Four calling birds: $599.96

Five gold rings: $1245.00

Six geese-a-laying: $720.00

Seven swans-a-swimming: $13,124

Eight maids-a-milking: 580

Nine ladies dancing: 8,308.12

10 lords-a-leaping: 13,980

11 pipers piping: 3,021.40

12 drummers drumming: 3,266.93

Vibe magazine says Post Malone was recently performing in Los Angeles when a woman threw her bra on stage. Post placed the bra on his head and continued performing his song "Psycho"

OneRepublic star Ryan Tedder tells Wonderland magazine that his bandmates are like brothers to him. “I’m just thrilled we’re still together and we still actually love each other. None of us have brothers in real life so we’ve all become each others brothers more or less, and so for me it’s been awesome. ”​

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that she's had to fight for a lot in her life. "A lot of the best things I ever did creatively were things that I had to really fight — and I mean aggressively fight — to have happen. Like I had my vision of how a song or a video should be, and someone would try to change it on me. If you truly believe in something, you have to be prepared to fight for it."

Kim Petras tells The Guardian newspaper that she will never apologize for who she is.“I make no excuses for who I am. If you don't like me, that's your problem. I am who I am and I will not change that for anybody.”

The Kid LAROI tells V magazine that it's important to listen. “I feel it’s very important to be a great listener. I’m still learning how to do that. I’m apologizing to my girlfriend all the time because I feel like I’m not a good enough listener and that’s really important in any relationship, friendship, whatever it is.”

Beyonce tells W magazine that she's trying to focus more on herself and her family. “I came into the music industry at 15 years old and grew up with the world watching, and I have put out projects non-stop. It’s been heavy and hectic. I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on building my legacy and representing my culture the best way I know how. Now, I’ve decided to give myself permission to focus on my joy.”

TMZ says Tim Allen visited Jay Leno in the hospital yesterday. Jay is recovering from burns suffered in a car fire. Tim says they cracked several jokes together. Tim brought Jay several car magazines. He says Jay will look like George Clooney when he leaves the hospital

Yahoo News says the budget for the tenth Fast and the Furious film, Fast X, has ballooned to $340 million. That's 70% more than the $200 million budget for Fast and the Furious 9. Increased salaries, increased production costs and inflation are the reason for the skyrocketing costs.

Radar Online says Nick Cannon is in no danger of becoming a deadbeat dad to his 12 children because he has a net worth of $20 million. A source tells the website, “He’s been working his butt off for many years to pay for his kids. Nick’s still living a pretty flashy lifestyle too,” the source added. “He drives good cars, looks the part in trendy suits and doesn’t want for much, if anything!”

OK! magazine says Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner are becoming close friends. A source tells the magazine, "Now that Jen and Jen have been coparenting, they’ve been getting to know each other better and have formed a very new friendship. They really enjoy each other."

In touch Weekly Magazine claims things are allegedly moving fast between Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon. A source tells the magazine, “There’s a lot to like. She’s gorgeous, smart, funny, loves art and architecture and she isn’t intimidated by him in the least. Brad’s number one issue when meeting girls is that his fame gets in the way. Ines gets it. She isn’t shy, she’s super confident, and she goes after what she wants. She likes Brad and she didn’t make that a secret, which he found refreshing. It’s still the beginning stages, but by all accounts they’re really into each other and they seem like a perfect match. He’s smiling like crazy, he loves her energy and everyone can tell that he’s got a new attitude about life.”

The Daily Star says the Internet roasted Kim Kardashian yesterday after she posted a mirror selfie that contained an editing blunder. Kim failed to properly Photoshop her legs so it looked like she had three thighs.

The Internet reacts ...

"Bad photo shop. What's with the thighs?"

"Who ever is in charge if her photo shop needs a new profession"

"She has a thigh behind her thigh"

"Imagine literally editing a thigh gap into your photos in 2022."

Radar Online claims Kanye West has allegedly halted construction on his Malibu beach house because of how much money he's lost due to his anti-semitic comments. A source tells the site, "Ye has mostly been living at the Waldorf for the past month with Juliana [Nalu, his new model girlfriend]. He's having to sort his finances out so renovation work at his Malibu place is on hold at the moment. His house near Kim's also needs renovating, and he wanted a change of scenery after months at Soho Warehouse Downtown"

Amy Adams tells Dark Horizons that she has not been asked to reprise her role as Lois Lane in the next Man of Steel movie. “They haven’t spoken to me about it. If it’s me, great. If it’s somebody else, the role of Lois has been filled by so many wonderful actresses in the past, so I’ll support whatever direction they go.''

The Sun says Michael Jordan's son, Marcus, allegedly cheated on Larsa Pippen with an Instagram model. The paparazzi caught Marcus and the model kissing outside of his Orlando condo. A source tells the newspaper, "They are friends with benefits. Larsa has no idea that Marcus has been allegedly cheating. Larsa would never think he would be unfaithful to her. He treats her like royalty. He buys her gifts, dinners, pays for a lot of things- so she would be completely blindsided. She thinks she's in an exclusive relationship with him."

A source tells the NY Post, “Larsa and Marcus aren’t exclusively together; they’re dating. It’s so new. They’re just enjoying time getting to know each other.”

Sick Day Survey A new survey by One Poll reveals that 60% of people watch a rom-com when they are sick. Other findings:

- 37% of people watch action movies when they are sick

- 42% of people lie on their couch when they are sick

- 32% of parents and children watch Harry Potter movies together when they are stick. 30% watch Frozen

- the average person says they can watch their favorite movie four times in a row without getting sick of it

- 42% of people slurp soup when they are sick

- 40% of people want their favorite blanket when they are sick

Holiday Party Survey

A new survey by Career Wallet reveals that 94% of employees want their boss to use the budget for their Christmas party on staff bonuses instead of a bash. Other findings:

- 10% of employees hate holiday parties

- 23% of employees loathe the people they work with

How People Eat Poorly During the Holidays … According to a new survey by Herbalife Nutrition

Eaten more than one dessert at a meal — 41%

Eaten more than one of the same meal in a day — 35%

Eaten more than three meals in a day — 35%

Eaten an extra-large midnight snack — 26%

Eaten so much I've had to undo a button on my pants or loosen a belt — 24%

Deliberately worn stretchy clothes to accommodate overeating — 19%

Hid my favorite holiday foods/treats to save for later — 18%

Eaten until I feel sick/unwell/full to bursting — 17%

Dear Fonseca

My sister invited me to her house for Thanksgiving. I was excited until yesterday when I got an email from her saying I needed to pay her for my meal. I thought she was kidding until I called and she was serious. If someone invites you to their house for Thanksgiving, you bring something like a bottle of wine or dessert. It's wrong for her to charge me and others because she invited us. It's like we're paying for her Thanksgiving dinner. She says it's only fair that we pay. Where do you stand on this?

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