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Fonseca Show 11/14/22


- Ace Showbiz says Tom Holland has allegedly signed a new contract to star in three more Spider-Man movies.

- Deadline Hollywood says Sebastian Maniscalco's new Netflix comedy special, 'Sebastian Maniscalco: Is it Me?'', will premiere on December 6th. He makes fun of his wife's restaurant etiquette and pre-school

- NBC says Gallagher the comedian has died at the age of 76. Known for smashing watermelons on stage, Gallagher suffered multiple heart attacks prior to his death.

- The Daily Mail says Starbucks' Christmas drinks have as much sugar as three Krispy Kreme donuts and more calories than a McDonald's cheeseburger

- The Sunday World says the protester, who egged King Charles last week, has been banned from carrying eggs in public. Patrick Thelwell is out on bail and has been ordered to stay 500 yards away from King Charles.

- WHAS says a baseball glove, worn by Babe Ruth, during the height of his career with the New York Yankees, was auctioned off on Saturday for $1.5 million in Louisville. The price is the highest ever paid for a glove. The new owner wishes to remain anonymous

- NBC says the NFL is going to honor John Madden during their Thanksgiving Day games. There will be special segments on all three broadcasts on NBC, CBS and Fox. Madden worked for all three networks during his career

Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” $180 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $250 million to produce. It earned an additional $150 million overseas. The movie was the second biggest opening of the year behind “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.")

2. “Black Adam,” $8.6 million.

3. “Ticket to Paradise,” $6.1 million.

4. “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile,” $3.2 million.

5. “Smile,” $2.3 million.

Ace Showbiz says Harry Styles was recently performing in Los Angeles when he did a gender reveal for a fan named Sidney . He said, "She's about to do the single hardest thing in the world there is to do. I'm sure it's gonna be fine. The most beautiful thing there is to do in the world. And it's gonna...Los Angeles, this is a Friday night you will never forget. Here we go. May I please get some tense gender-reveal music? I know something you don't know! This is called edging. It's a...girl.'' says Adele is excited to start her Las Vegas residency on November 18th. A source tells the website, “Adele cannot wait for her residency to kick off, she’s more than ready. She’s put her heart and soul into preparing, she’s been rehearsing 12 hours a day and every little thing is in place and perfected. At this point it’s just a feeling of wanting it to hurry up and be opening night because now that everything’s ready the waiting is tough, it’s like the countdown to Christmas morning or something. Opening night is going to be an epic celebration, she’s going to have all her loved ones there”

Female First says Adele is using a $500,000 tech system to protect her voice during her Las Vegas residency. A source tells the website, "They’ve had complex systems installed before, but this one really is on another level. The system works by combining dehumidifiers, purification units, water molecule dispersal and cooling fans in the preparation room and then guiding that air around the stage when she performs. Adele is getting the best possible air to protect her voice."

OneRepublic star Ryan Tedder tells GQ magazine that his first television appearance was cringe inducing for him. “The first time I ever played in front of people was on MTV on TRL in 1999 or 2000. I won a record deal and it was the first time I'd actually been in front of an audience playing a song I'd written. It was one of those “find the next star” things. Everyone else was doing covers and I did an original; I ended up winning. It was a very bad Baby Face-sounding song. Very bad. It's so, so cheesy. ”

Sia tells that she feels healthier now that she's vegan. “I feel so much better. So much healthier after going vegan. You can feel your body cleaning itself out, getting better. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

Post Malone tells GQ magazine that he always has the show, Modern Family', on in the background when he's on tour. “I watch literally every episode of Modern Family every single day. Every day, I start on season one, episode one, and then by the time I go to bed... Because I just leave it on as background noise, as well, whenever I’m not even deliberately watching. But by the time I fall asleep, I’m done with season eight already.”

The NY Post says Nick Cannon became a father again over the weekend. His girlfriend, Abby De La Rosa, welcomed their third child. The paper says this is Nick's 11th child. Nick posted, “Mommy @hiabbydelarosa you make it ALL look so easy and effortless but I am forever indebted to your tireless work of constant dedication, diligent effort and selfless love that you give to our children and myself. Beautiful is privileged to have such a Loving and Spiritually inclined Mother.” Nick is still expecting at least one more child with another woman.

Nick tells The Neighborhood Talk that he spends more than $3 million a year on child support says the Chili's restaurant chain recently jabbed Nick Cannon after he announced he is expecting his 12th child. They posted; “Don’t worry @NickCannon, we don’t limit kids meals.” Nick responded; ''Kool, we gonna need 12 orders of the “baby” back ribs!!!''

Entertainment Tonight says Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 48th birthday over the weekend at a private mansion in Beverly Hills. Tobey Maguire, LeBron James, Rebel Wilson, Bradley Cooper, Adrien Brody, Jamie Foxx, Rami Malek, Mick Jagger, Casey Affleck, Wesley Snipes and Nicky Hilton all attended the bash

Entertainment Tonight says Matthew McConaughey's wife, Camilla, is in a neck brace after falling down some stairs. She posted, “I am OK but… Don’t fall people…don’t fall. Ladies hold your long dresses up or lose pants up when going by down the stairs!! Wind blew mine as I was midair, pant fabric wrapped around my shoe and down the floor I went…A silly fall, turned into not so silly neck situation, recovery time ahead.”

LAD Bible says Gordon Ramsay's restaurants are serving Christmas dinner. The dinner costs $325 per person. A 15% gratuity is also being added to bills. Gordon will be serving a six-course meal that includes eggs, Lobster ravioli, cheese, truffles, smoked avocado and an assortment of sorbets. Chicken liver and foie gras will also be served at some restaurants

Sylvester Stallone tells Contact Music that he auditioned for the role of Superman in 1978. "I auditioned for Superman. I’d have been the world’s shortest superman… I don’t look good in leotards at all!"

Tom Brady tells Brobible that he has no regrets about un-retiring. ''Zero, no. Definitely not. I returned because I felt like I wanted to compete and I spoke to the team about it and they were excited to have me back. I don’t really regret those types of things — I think when I commit to it, I mean it and I do my best and try to give everything I can to this particular opportunity.''

TMZ says PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, recently sent Jason Momoa a care pack after he adopted a pig from the set of one of his new movies. He received plant-based sausage, beef jerky, bacon and ham. The top of the care package contained a plush piggy.

Henry Winkler tells CNN that he is a fool for not taking the lead role in the movie ''Grease''. “I am a fool. I only realized years afterwards. I thought, I’ve played the Fonz, I don’t want to do it again. I go home … and I have a diet Coke. John Travolta, who has done the movie, goes home and buys a plane.”

Marca magazine says Taylor Lautner married his girlfriend, Taylor Dome, on Friday in Paso Robles, California. Over 100 guests attended the ceremony. It took place at a winery. The couple have been together since 2018

Ace Showbiz says Britney Spears is going to cut down on the amount of sexy pictures she posts in hopes she can mend her relationship with her sons. A source tells the website, "Britney is now making a concerted effort to repair the relationship with her sons. She has refrained from posting what her friends call 'racy' photos and videos on her Instagram for two weeks. Although those around Britney think it is wonderful that she is so proud of her body, they also were able to make her see why this may be inappropriate for her boys, who only want the best for her"


Holiday Survey

A new survey by Extra Gum reveals that 66% of people have experienced an uncomfortable social moment during the holidays. Other findings:

- 50% of people struggle to find things to talk about with relatives during the holidays

- 58% of people say spending extended time with certain family members during the holidays is challenging

- 33% of people fake a smile when pretending to enjoy a relative's cooking

Holiday Shopping Survey

A new survey by Wallethub reveals that 50% of people say they are planning to be less generous this holiday season due to inflation. Other findings:

- 47% of people are starting their holiday shopping earlier than normal this year

- 56% of people plan to do their holiday shopping online

- 28% of people are planning to spend less on holiday gifts this year than last year

- 20% of people are planning to apply for a new credit card to help them pay for holiday gifts this year

- 40% of people are forgoing holiday gifts this year due to inflation

- 25% of people have holiday debt from last year

Infidelity Survey A new survey by Yellow Octopus reveals that 39% of people would forgive a cheating partner if the partner lavished them with gifts. Other findings:

- 29% of people would never forgive a cheating partner no matter how many gifts they received

- top gifts people want to forgive a cheating partner ... a new phone followed by a vacation, a new laptop, jewelry, designer clothing and a new car

Dear Fonseca

My son's hypocritical school sent home a letter about this week being Anti-Bullying Week. Our boy has had problems with a bully this year. I've talked to the school several times. They've talked to the bully, but nothing ever really seems to happen. My husband and I don't think violence is the answer to any confrontation, but in this case we're thinking of allowing our son to fight back. The bully needs to be taught a lesson. No one knows our son has been taking karate for a year. Should we allow him to fight back? What would you do if you were us?

P.S.: My mother-in-law says our son needs to be the bigger man and ignore the bully.

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