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Fonseca Show 11/08/22


- The Hill website says last night's Powerball drawing was not done at 10:59 p.m. Eastern because of a technical error. The lottery released a statement saying, “Due to participating lottery needing extra time to complete the required security protocols. Powerball has strict security requirements that must be met by all 48 lotteries before a drawing can occur. When the required security protocols are complete, the drawing will be performed under the supervision of lottery security officials and independent auditors.” The delay stretched into the middle of the night

- The U.S. Elections Project says more than 40 million Americans have cast early ballots for today's midterm elections.

- PR Newswire says Wendy's is celebrating Veterans Day on Friday by offering active military and Veterans a free breakfast combo. Current military and Veterans can get the combo by showing their military ID card at participating locations.

- Variety magazine says Jimmy Kimmel is returning to host the Oscars for a third time. The awards show is going to be held on Sunday, March 12th on ABC

- The Wrap says Kelly Clarkson's daytime talk show has been renewed through 2025.

- Vulture magazine says Lionel Richie is going to receive the Icon Award at this year's American Music Awards.

- Geo News says Hulk star Mark Ruffalo wants Elon Musk to hand Twitter over to someone who knows social media better than him. He tweeted, ''Elon. Please—for the love of decency—get off Twitter, hand the keys over to someone who does this as an actual job, and get on with running Tesla and SpaceX. You are destroying your credibility. It’s just not a good look.''

- A new survey by The Bottle Club reveals that men receive 150% more matches on dating sites when they have a picture of themselves holding an alcoholic drink on their profile. Women with no drinks receive 29% more matches than women with alcohol beverages

- Yahoo News says Vlasic has created a scented candle that looks like a jar full of pickles. The green candle smells like an actual dill and costs $29 while supplies last.

- Yahoo News says Cinnabon is celebrating the holidays by offering chocolate frosting and cream cheese frosting pints people can take home and use in their own kitchens during the upcoming months. The pints are available at Cinnabon locations


Cast A Vote And Get A Donut: CBS says participating Krispy Kreme donut shops are offering free donuts today on Election Day. The company posted, ''On Tuesday, November 8th we are encouraging you to get out and VOTE by offering our most iconic Original Glazed® doughnut for FREE in shop and drive-thru to all guests. So, swing by a participating shop on the way to or from your polls on Election Day and add a little extra joy to your day!''

Thanksgiving Dinner Prices Continue To Rise: A new article by Yahoo Finance reveals that 10 Thanksgiving foods are going to cost more this year due to inflation, increased labor costs and supply chain issues. The increases are year over year

turkey .. up 17%

butter ... up 26%

margarine ... up 44%

potatoes ... up 17.5%

pies ... up 20.4%

alcohol ... up 4.1%

stuffing .. up 15.5%

snacks ... up 14.7%

flour .... up 24.2%

coffee ... up 15.7%

OneRepublic star Ryan Tedder tells Billboard magazine that he used to run five miles before every concert. “Tim McGraw told me he ran five miles before every show. I did that for a while. Do I still do that? I'll never tell. But I've done a lot of running.”

Harry Styles tells that he listens to his heart when it comes to music. “The worst thing that can happen is that I make a record that I think everybody else wants to hear, and then it doesn't do well. And you sit there going "Well I wish I'd just made the record that I wanted to make." That's why I always record what's in my heart instead of what's popular."

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that she's learned to ignore her critics. “If I did something brave, I didn’t do it correctly. If I stood up for myself, I was throwing a tantrum. And so I found myself in this endless mockery echo chamber. After a while, I just tuned it all out and decided to be myself. That was the best decision I've ever made in my life." says Aaron and Nick Carter reconciled before Aaron's untimely passing last Saturday. A source tells the website . “Aaron was on the path to making amends with so many people in his life, and he had made amends and made peace with Nick. Aaron was happy about this because he loved his brother. He looked up to Nick in so many ways. They were trying to make everything good again.”

Ace Showbiz says 50 Cent is feuding with Madonna. The rapper made fun of the hip hop videos she has been posting by writing; "I told y’all grand ma was on BS! Like a virgin at 64. LOL."

TMZ says Post Malone was recently performing in Seattle when he brought a couple on stage and married them. The crowd went wild as Post officiated the ceremony.

WVUE says Mariah Carey has ended her feud with Martha Stewart. Martha got mad at Mariah after Mariah allegedly hinted that she wanted to skip Thanksgiving and move right to Christmas. Mariah tweeted, “Dearest Martha!! NEVER will I give up Thanksgiving!! But we can still start getting into the festive spirit now! P.S I’d love to have you at my Thanksgiving dinner although I’ve yet to be invited to your Thanksgiving extravaganza! And THAT is MAJOR! Esp if Snoop’s coming!”

The Daily Star says Britney Spears has incurable nerve damage on the right side of her body. She says dancing helps alleviate the pain. "It’s funny though when I dance I don’t feel the pain. I wake up like three times a week in bed and my hands are completely numb ... it stings and it’s scary … the last three years since I got out of that place I’ve been in a mild unconscious state … I couldn’t face it. By the grace of God I finally found a medication where I actually feel oxygen going to my brain and through my neck … my eyes are more open now and I can hold my head up correctly … I’ve done a good job trying to pull it off. Either way I’m getting a lot better, I can breathe … I feel smarter."

NBC says Rebel Wilson has become a mother through a surrogate. Her surrogate had a baby girl named Royce Lillian. Rebel posted a picture of her newborn along with the caption; "Beyond proud to announce the birth of my first child, Royce Lillian, born this past week via surrogate. I can’t even describe the love I have for her, she’s a beautiful miracle! I am forever grateful to everyone who has been involved, (you know who you are), this has been years in the making… but particularly wanted to thank my gorgeous surrogate who carried her and birthed her with such grace and care. Thank you for helping me start my own family, it’s an amazing gift. The BEST gift!! I am ready to give little Roycie all the love imaginable. I am learning quickly… much respect to all the Mums out there! Proud to be in your club.''

The Daily Mail says Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have reconciled. The two were spotted on a romantic stroll in New York yesterday. At one point, Irina grabbed Bradley's butt. The two have a daughter together.

Uproxx says Ryan Reynolds is a Swiftie. The website quotes him as saying; ''We are having a Taylor Swift Midnights dance party. We’re headed straight to the porch where we’re doing a full dance number set to Midnights… swear words included. My favorite thing is when a three-year-old is just throwing down in a song. That’s like a religion in our house.''

The NY Post says Matthew McConaughey has joined Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z's investment team.The trio and their money men are trying to buy the Washington Commanders. A source tells the newspaper, “Matthew has always been a huge fan and his ties with the team go way back. They support his foundation and he’s good pals with Dan Snyder — he and [supermodel wife Camilla Alves] were on Dan’s yacht over the Super Bowl last year.”

Renee Zellweger tells The Times newspaper that she never buys any anti-aging products because she's proud to be over 50. “All those ads telling us we don’t need to look our real age if we just buy all their creams and their fixes and all that garbage they want to sell us? I’m like, what, you’re saying I’m not valuable anymore because I’m 53? Is that what you’re saying?”

John Stamos tells E! News that he has no plans to do more Fuller House shows without Bob Saget. ''It's just not the same without him. There's something missing, there's a piece missing. We're doing a lot of tributes. I did that Netflix tribute [June's Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute], which was beautiful, I thought. Every chance I get, I talk about him. If we're real quiet, we could hear him complaining right now that I don't talk about him enough. We'll continue to do tributes to him, but I don't know about a Full House one, though.''

Black Friday Survey

A new survey posted by PR Web reveals that 60% of people might sit out Black Friday shopping. Other findings:

- 8% of people aren't shopping on Black Friday due to inflation

- 24% of people won't shop on Black Friday because they feel manipulated by retailers

- 18% of people won't shop on Black Friday because they hate crowds

- 12% of people are expected to spend $1,000 or more on Black Friday. That's down from 21% last year

- 74% of people look forward to electronics deals on Black Friday.

Steak Survey

A new survey by Meats by Linz reveals that 66% of people would choose steak as their last meal. Other findings:

- 75% of men and 65% of women say steak is their favorite food.

- 30% of people would be critical if someone ordered a steak well done on a first date

- 42% of people frown upon others who place ketchup on their steak

- top cuts of steak ... ribeye (61%) followed by fillet (47%) and T-Bone (43%)

- 39% of people love A-1 Steak Sauce

Top 'Small Talk Subjects' For Singles ... According to a new survey by POF

What do you do for fun? – 79%

Where are you from? – 79%

What hobbies do you have? – 78%

What’s your favorite TV show to binge-watch? – 76%

How old are you? – 76%

Do you want kids? – 61%

Dear Fonseca

I got divorced about six months ago and am now ready to start dating again. My best friend says I should post my most unflattering pictures on my dating profile. She says this way a guy will like me at my worst rather than my best. My other best friend disagrees and says I have to put my best foot forward so I should post my hottest pictures to attract the best possible man. I'm torn about whose philosophy is better. What do you think? Who's right?

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