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Fonseca Show 10/27/22


- Bake Magazine says participating Krispy Kreme donut shops will honor First Responders on National First Responders Day tomorrow with a free glazed donut. First Responders can get a free donut by showing their badge or a valid ID. The magazine also says that people, who show up to Krispy Kreme in a Halloween costume on Monday will receive a free donut

- Contact Music says Nick Cannon is set to become a father again. He and Alyssa Scott announced the pregnancy on social media. The couple lost their son, Zen, a year ago. The five month old had a brain tumor.

- TMZ says Will Smith gave a pep talk to the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday. He talked about staying strong in the face of adversity and coming together when times are tough. The team gave Will a number #14 Lakers jersey.

- The Wrap says Kenan Thompson is going to host the People's Choice Awards on Tuesday, December 6th on NBC

- Deadline Hollywood says CBS is rebooting the Bad News Bears with a female lead.

- Thrillist says Costco is selling a 60,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Billed as the 'World's Largest', the $600 puzzle is 29 feet long and a map of the world.

- KSNB says license plates in some states are in short supply due to the aluminum shortage. The shortage is being caused by supply chain issues from the pandemic.

- Lending Tree says 32% of adults have moved back in with their parents since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020. They say rising rents and inflation are the main reasons for moving back home. U.S. rents rose by 7.8% in September.


More Kanye Drama ...

Raw Story says T.J. Maxx is no longer going to carry Kanye West shoes and clothing because of his anti-semitic comments.

The Daily Mail says searches for Yeezy sneakers and clothing shot up by 500% after Adidas dropped Kanye for his anti-semitic comments.

Footwear News says Kanye West showed up unannounced yesterday at Skechers' corporate offices in Los Angeles. He was booted from the offices. Skechers released a statement saying, “Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West. We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech. The company would like to again stress that West showed up unannounced and uninvited to Skechers corporate offices.”

LADBible says Kanye West's wax figure has been removed from Madame Tussauds in London. A spokesman from Madame Tussauds says, "Kanye West's figure has been retired from the attraction floor to our archive. Each profile earns their place at Madame Tussauds London and we listen to our guests and the public on who they expect to see at the attraction.” Kanye recently made several anti-semitic comments.

Federation says children will consume 16 times more sugar on Halloween than on a normal day. The amount of candy a child consumes on Halloween is equal to three cups of raw sugar. Dentists say they see a rise in kiddie cavities in the weeks following Halloween

The Daily Mail says Adele is planning to go back to school after she finishes her Las Vegas residency. The newspaper quotes her as saying, ''After Vegas I really want to get a degree in English Literature. If I hadn't made it in my singing, I think I would definitely be a teacher. I think I'd be an English Lit teacher. I definitely feel like I use my passion of English Lit in what I do. But even though it's not like I'd go on to get a job from my degree, I wish I had gone to university, I wish I'd had that experience. I won't go to a university, I'll do it online and with a tutor, but that's my plan for 2025. It's just to get the qualifications.''

Adele tells the Independent newspaper that she has yet to listen to Taylor Swift's new album, ''Midnights". "I haven’t. But the only reason I haven’t listened is ‘cause I’ve been in rehearsals for like 12 hours a day. But, I think Taylor’s one of the greatest songwriters of our generation so I’ll definitely give it a listen I loved the two [released] in Covid very, very much. I think she's fun, as well. She makes a release fun."

Sia tells Glamour magazine that she loves being vegan. "It's not for everyone, but I think you should try going vegan for, like, a week. You'll feel so much better and healthier. It's really changed my life."

Justin Bieber tells People magazine that marriage won't solve all of your problems. “I thought getting married would fix all of my insecurities. It didn't, but having someone who loves you so much and is there to listen to you really helps. Having your lover and your best friend around all of the time is the best thing ever."

Jax tells that she loves featuring her family in her Tik Tok videos. “I love having my family in my videos. It shows people that I'm human too, not some musical goddess or whatever. They're as goofy as I am, and the fans seem to love seeing them.”

Showbiz 411 says it took four people to write Rihanna's new song for the "Wakanda Forever" soundtrack. “Lift Me Up” was recorded in five countries.


TVLine says Matthew Perry has apologized for slamming Keanu Reeves in his new memoir ''Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.'' He wrote, “Why is it that the original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us?”

Matthew apologized and said, “I’m actually a big fan of Keanu. I just chose a random name, my mistake. I apologize. I should have used my own name instead.”

''Wonder Woman'' star Lynda Carter Tweeted; ''Come on... Keanu Reeves is like one of those frozen cakes. Nobody doesn't like him!''

In his new memoir “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing”, Matthew Perry writes that he once kissed Valerie Bertinelli while Eddie Van Halen was passed out drunk. “I fell madly in love with Valerie Bertinelli, who was clearly in a troubled marriage. My crush was crushing; not only was she way out of my league, but she was also married to one of the most famous rock stars on the planet, Eddie Van Halen. It is important to point out here that my feelings for Valerie were real. I was completely captivated — I mean, I was obsessed with her and harbored elaborate fantasies about her leaving Eddie Van Halen and living out the rest of her days with me. Things finally came to a head one night . . . I was over at Valerie and Eddie’s house, just hanging out and gazing at Valerie, trying to make her laugh. When you made her laugh, you felt ten feet tall. As the night progressed, it was clear that Eddie had enjoyed the fruits of the vine a little too hard, one more time, and eventually he just passed out, not ten feet away from us, but still. This was my chance! If you think I didn’t actually have a chance in hell you’d be wrong, dear reader — Valerie and I had a long, elaborate make-out session. It was happening — maybe she felt the same way I did. I told her I had thought about doing that for a long time, and she had said it right back to me.”

In his new memoir, ''Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing'', Matthew Perry writes that he and Cameron Diaz were fixed up in 2007 after she dumped Justin Timberlake. The couple was playing a game of Pictionary at a dinner party when Matthew flirted with Cameron. She went to punch his shoulder, but missed and ended up hitting him in the face. He was okay

Matthew also writes that he asked Jennifer Aniston out, but she declined because she only liked him as a friend.

Gossip Ireland says James Corden continues to feud with servers at the Balthazar restaurant in New York City. The late night host was banned from the restaurant for being abusive to servers. On Monday night, he apologized and said the restaurant served his wife an omelette even though she is allergic to egg whites. One server tells the Daily Mail, “I’m sorry but that is BS. He wanted an omelette that had only egg yolks. Not the egg-white omelette, just egg yolks. Why then would you even bother ordering an omelette if you’re allergic to eggs?''

Newsweek magazine says the U.S. may sanction Steven Seagal for supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin made Seagal a citizen of Russia in 2016. The Commission on Security and Cooperation for Europe sent a letter to the United States government asking that Seagal be sanctioned because he visited the Russian military before they went to the Ukraine to fight.

Hugh Jackman tells Variety magazine that he has been thinking about starring in a Deadpool movie since he saw the first film Deadpool film in 2016. “I went to a screening of ‘Deadpool.’ I was 20 minutes in, and I was like, ‘Ah, damn!’ All I kept seeing in my head was ‘48 Hours’ with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. So it’s been brewing for a long time. It just took me longer to get here.”

US Weekly Magazine claims Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are secretly planning their wedding. A source tells the magazine, “Megan and MGK haven’t set a date yet but they’re secretly planning their wedding. They’re working on it and also working hard on themselves. They’ve worked on their problems and worked really hard to get to the place where they are today. It’s still a struggle at times and they tend to have a lot of ups and downs. He is making a lot of effort to be more mature. He’s not always easy to deal with. He still has this teenage side to him.''

Katy Perry tells The Cut that she meditates her hangovers away. “I try to meditate in the morning if I didn’t get enough sleep or if my sleep was like an Imax movie — which, most of the time, it is. I use it for jet lag, hangovers, creativity. Sometimes, I just slip away for 20 minutes in the middle of the day. I’ll be like, ‘I’ll be right back. I’m in a foul mood, and I’m going to come back soon in a better one."”

Radar Online says Prince Harry's memoir is going to be released on January 10th. A source claims Harry is allegedly editing the book and now watering it down so as not to offend the Royals. “He is keen for refinements in the light of the Queen's death, her funeral and his father Charles taking the throne. There may be things in the book which might not look so good if they come out so soon after these events.”


Parenting Competition A new survey by Baker Street reveals that 50% of people treat parenting like a competition. Other findings:

- 26% of parents treat bake sales like a competition

- 53% of parents try to outdo other parents on Halloween

- 34% of parents try to provide better candy than other parents on Halloween

- 20% of parents started planning their Halloween celebration as early as the second week in September

Sick Day Survey

A new survey by Theraflu reveals that 62% of employees go into work while sick. Other findings:

- 66% of people avoid calling out sick because they fear being reprimanded by their employer

- 63% of employees feel guilty for taking a sick day

- 60% of people are actively discouraged not to call out sick

Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes... According to a new article by The List

Glow by Jennifer Lopez... 21.5%

Sent from Above by Dolly Parton... 21.1%

Cloud by Ariana Grande... 18.6%

Curious by Britney Spears ... 14.5%

Fenty by Rihanna ... 13.5%

Eilish by Billie Eilish ... 10%


Dear Fonseca

Our five-year-old son is dying to watch scary Halloween movies with his older brothers. They are 16 and 18 years old. My husband and I have done everything we can to keep our youngest son away from the scary films. He insists on watching them and keeps sneaking behind our backs in order to do so. My husband says we should allow him to watch the scariest movie we can find. He says doing that will scare him and take care of our problem. My mother thinks it's cruel and child abuse if we do that. What do you think? Good parenting or not? It would teach him a lesson

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